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Bye Bye Baby...(sniff)

@manbitesdog Stick on pads of grippy plastic for the part of your tank where your legs touch. You can easily sit upright and steer with your knees for short spells and even better you can get a really good grip when cornering. If you don't weigh much your knees can slip against the tank which is a bit of a surprise if you're leaning well over when it happens. I use it on my Daytona, specially useful now I have very uncomfortable wrists. Nice to be able to take the weight off now and then.
Look it up on ebay. I bought the clear universal ones and cut them to fit. £26 last year.

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Honda cbr 600f ultralight wont start

It was a brand new battery i put in same number dont think it has when i turn key on the key symbol goes green i belive this means good to go and if its red means bike is under alarm or imobliser i moved the kill swich to off position and just nothing happens any thing else worth changing or look at thanks people

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hard luggage sets

Can't go wrong with Givi, way over-priced but extremely durable. A box for life!

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TCX X-Cube Evo...

@manbitesdog said:

@Snevsnottydotty said:



Snev. I think he's already met you :grinning:

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Modern Pepsi Suzuki please? come on Pepsi it's the perfect match!

Now that looks very good indeed

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Personal Injury Claims - rossva1

Spammer digging up old threads.


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Mod 2 test

Went back out today for a couple of hours with instructor. Feel better now. Test again next Friday....

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Opinions on Chinese Bikes

Samjjh take NO NOTICE ...of these bleeders ,,, chineeze bikes " rock shit " ..... £200 for a good un ..... fuck what everone else sez on here ...most of em couldn't tell a " TIT from a TURNIP " ....Fuck em ....Fuck em all ..... fuckers ....... and "fuck" Ester Rantzen anawl ...... fuckin buck toothed bint .....

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78 RD400f, 11 miles; how much is it worth

@beattie35 That is beautiful! If it was mine I'd keep it and use it.

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Hope the Forum update

fixes this problem.

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Weymouth beach race

this weekend .... stopping over sat , sun ....gonna get " blathered " ,,,, and prolly shit meself anawl ...... its the " done thing too do " ...... that's why im taking 5 pairs of pants ..... itll be " FUCKIN AWESOME " .... Mrs's is comin with me wont able too pick up a " jump of cunt " ............... well ,,, who gives a flying shit anyway ... fuckers

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