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If you could build a bike engine.

Saying all that, if the TZ750 road bike was built.I'd have one of them in Kenny Roberts colours.But haven't seen anyone of the big four or italian companies like Cagiva decide to make one yet.I think it's the case of sometime never with strokers.

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Trials handlebars on ER5?

Was going to do a track day, but the price I'd have to pay for the required clothing was more that the bike is worth. Still think I'd prefer the trials bars.

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Cheap bike gear, can anyone recommend a decent site?

@Nicolas said:

I know chaps and vests are not for the protection i just suggest a good source for such buying. Now please don't tell me that, there is not a single member here who rides Harley.:smile:

Actually, we all do...................613613.png

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Helmet Brands

Just bought a HJC IS17 including pinlock visor for £135, decent helmet. Bit noisy compared to my Schuberth, but ok with earplugs in.

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2015 UK MotoGP @ Silverstone

@Mrs-H said:

@HOSBUSA The weather last year wasn`t bad at all...Are you going to the Day of Champions.? Because thats worth going to,you really do get close to Rossi and Co.The auction is some thing else people paying Thousands for signed T-shirts ... Jaw dropping..

No sadly, but we are saving everything we have for the FIA European drag racing Finals at Santa Pod in Sept.

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Boring WSB

The finishes of the races at Sepang were all boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Helmet park queues ?

No one like queuing, its one of life's utterly pointless activities.
But locking my helmet to my bike simply means a good fund raising idea loses out.
Surely there is a way to organise this so as to avoid or minimise the queues ?
After all, its hardly a surprise that most people want to pick up their gear just after the last race finishes

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12 months no claims challenge?!?!

It's Europe wide. I think they all went to different school's together?????

U.A.E. insurance. Car or bike or both or as many as you like 3 or 4% of the declared value of each vehicle. Only fully comp. And it don't matter if you are 17 or 77 years old in/on a Fiat or a Ferrari or a Scooter or Superbike.

It would f a lot of these bastards up if they introduced the above system.

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Touring Buddy wanted Calais - to South of France

is any one up for joining me going from London to South of France? Final destination Pezenas? I am looking for a touring buddy/ies for the whole or part of the rout? Planning to go some time mid august.

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Some Daft Questions

But beware when parking in a car space if there is also a motorcycle parking bay. I am aware of one case where a car reversed over a bike parked in a car space and drove away. When the owner of the bike tried to claim off his own insurance his company tried to avoid paying out as they thought he should have left it in the bike park. I don't know what the final outcome was but insurance companies really do seem to find any reason not to pay up.

I complained about the bike park at my local Tesco for around 5 years as there were always cars in it. When they refurbished the store they made the best bike parking area I've ever seen in a supermarket. I make a point of using it every single time I go. It's really good.

I filter but take care you don't start overtaking instead. That is treated very differently if there's an accident.

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ER5 hard to sell

Much better then an Enfield. Bonnies are really nice bikes.

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University of Cambridge's assistant

Fooking ell our tax is being spent on that tw*t

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug

I went to the first two shows and it was absolutely brilliant.
The last time I went the Harley crowd had taken over and it was crap.
I took my son and daughter and it was bloody sad. No bands, Virtually no stuff outside in the street and
the custom show was Harleys only with one token paint job Bandit.
We stood and watched the Hawgs riding round and around outside making lots of noise flat out at 50mph until one broke down and then we went home.
Never again.

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