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Osc meets Weasel at long last

@Osc said:

@maniac said:

@Osc said:

@Mickly No offence taken...... Ps obvs I'm the one on the left, stoaty has always been on the far right 😉

true i am far right & proud of it anorl !!! & i can deffo vouch that the one on the left is my mate Ian ( you can tell by the pic that ian isn't fully grown up you can also tell this by his posts / replys on here )

Says Mr Grown-up :laughing:

" Say's Mr Grown -up " , what you not got a full & ADULT response to my reply ?? NO didn't think so , so you revert to the childish " he said , she said " scenario , don't worry alcky nobody expected a reasoned response from someone as un-educated & childish as you .. ya social retard ..
Now do everyone a favour & delete ALL your accounts & slip off into oblivion ( but before you go apologise to me & everyone else for being your odious self ) ta ta you wont be missed alcky

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Do solar trickle chargers work??

@mrjazzemmanuel said:

stored outside.

Makes no difference unless it`s 40c below as in Alaska!

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Need a new textile jacket

Find wide variety of jackets fit to all styles of biker racing, touring and urban. You can choose what suit to best your need. Top quality, reasonable pricing with good customer services.

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JLo's Butt


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Soaring Support for Asia SuperMoto Championship

H. Wardoyo Widjaja (center), Regent of Sukoharjo, showing his support for the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship.jpg
As the countdown to race day for the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in Indonesia continues, the warm support shown by Indonesians and its government is simply overwhelming, proving the excitement the sport brings to the country.

H. Wardoyo Widjaja, SH., MH., the Regent (Bupati) of Sukoharjo in Central Java, committed to supporting the championship by saying, “the hosting of the FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in Indonesia last year caught the eyes of our people and this year, having the race hosted in our city would be a great treat for the locals, and an economy booster for the city and nation. I am excited and look forward to the championship this weekend.”

Andrew Ching, Chief Executive Officer of E-Plus Global, organiser of the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship, said that the company is happy to receive the positive news from the Regent of Sukoharjo. “The blessings and support given by H. Wardoyo Widjaja will be a game changer to the championship in Indonesia and with increasing support, I believe that the race will continue to soar in the country.”

The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship will be streamed live in HD on from 10:00AM to 6:00PM (+7:00GMT) on 14 and 15 October 2017.

The Final Round will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16 and 17 December 2017.

For more information, visit

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Could BSB be anymore corrupt?

@Beelady said:

and we eat at his Mum's café when we get the chance.

Will they start serving Red Bull? :grinning:

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Insurance in London

Sorry, that's third party fire and theft. Robbing bastards. I guess between the thieving scum stealing scooters to the hectic traffic it's deemed a high risk. Still sucks

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Spent some time in the Picos and Portugal

@CantCorner nice one - Picos are truly stunning, fabulous riding - we stayed an extra night in the area

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Mid Life Crisis Time

Wow! a new poster who actually comes on and updates and thanks people..............Hope you'll be very happy with the new bike JonC......remember road salt is your enemy....wash it off.

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Kawasaki Z1000 bits and pieces for sale

Some bits and pieces for sale from my Kawasaki Z1000 SX, includes levers, tail unit and rear light

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Cat & Fiddle pub ride out.

@Beelady said:

@CagivaELEfan I didn't know you had one of those. Take a picture while you have it out and post it here so we can see it.
Reminds me that I need to book an MOT for the Striple next month, and the Daytona as well, if it's still here.

Yeah I'd like to see a pic of that as I like cbr's

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