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First Project Bike

So, you reckon I'm wasting my time, being polite and sociable? Maybe next time I'll ride through puddles and splash them, rather then go around, carefully, :smiling_imp: After all, I am an ungodly heathen.

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125 Lexmoto Scooter cutting out and jolting

Hello everybody.

I've got a Lexmoto 125 FMR scooter and I'm having some issues! I've had it for about 7 months but I believe I got the first service after the warranty service, which sucks, my fault though!

The scooter has 10,000KM on it and I use it daily to commute to my work 25 miles each way, so a total of 50 miles per day. I know these scooters aren't built for these distances but it should still be functioning without issues.

A few weeks back I broke down in the rain, the scooter starting jolting and was like it wasn't getting enough fuel and the power kept dropping, I pulled over and it cut out and then wouldn't restart. I had quite a tough rear calliper and this was replaced by the garage, they thought this could be a cause of over heating the engine, as a few hours after they had the bike it started up perfectly fine.

14 days later, it cut out again on the way to work. The fuel seemed to be going through fine, but the garage replaced the Kill Switch unit, as this was showing faulty current, the drive belt, gasket, battery, break pads, voltage RR.

I've just collected it and I must have gone 100 meters down the road and it did the exact same thing, jolting when pulling on the throttle, and then loses power completely and cuts out. and doesn't start back up; Even the mechanic is out of ideas. It makes me look quite stupid as he took it for a ride straight after and it was perfectly fine, with no issues or jolting or anything! It's very on and off and sometimes is flawless and sometimes having to call breakdown.. It isn't very reliable, to say the least.

If anyone knows any other things that could be the cause of this I will happy look into it, as I do need this to be fixed. Sorry if I didn't provide enough information!

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New Zorst

@MarcusMarsh Yeh, that's a worry. Better buy a spare one!

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Has anyone bought the new (cheap)ish motorcycle leathers from ebay sellers?

@Beelady the bloke who got my jacket was over the moon with it ..... I had a couple of years out of it so it was just worn in really

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MotoGP 2017

The only Moto GP I've ever been to was the French round in 2008. Thoroughly enjoyed it but only got about 3 hours sleep due to idiots revving bikes all the time. (I camped at the circuit) I would recommend anyone to do it, then decide if you'd do it again!! LOL!

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT Ferry Tickets

Yep its a racket all right but a fantastic time, it has to be done at least once.

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Collision with car


few days ago i had an collision with a car. I was on my Honda pcx scooter riding in straight path on a bus/scooter/bike lane when an car from opposite direction was turning right into side road. so i am on my lane with that another lane going to same direction and from opposite a car suddenly appears to me crossing my path and thats when the collision occurred. I went straight into the cars bumper and fell down and rolled over quite bad.

i would not have been travelling more that 30mph (approx 20-25), i wasn't overtaking just riding straight in centre of the lane i was in. The cars to my right going in my side of the road may have obscured my view of any oncoming car from opposite side making a right turn. I had no time to severe away (that probably would have been dangerous) braked right at the end that probably reduced the impact by just little as it was too late by then. It happened very quick and i knew at that fraction of a second that a collision is coming. i really made my body stiff and thats why i escaped from flying or running into the windscreen like they show in film stunts. instead i rolled over on the floor and my bike fell over other side.

dry conditions, slightly overcast weather. I took lots of pictures of scene and damage to my scooter. As for me even though i fell the impact hard, fell down think i rolled over few times but got ups soon to assess the scene and damage. at the scene not much physical injuries but i was dazed, felt disoriented, deep shock and really why and how going through my mind. I remember just after accident my reaction was slow, hands shaky and i felt impact on my head as well although no apparent injury there. Police arrived with parademics, inside ambulance they checked me and police officer taking details as well there. Exchanged details of other driver who was in his 50s by himself and got a card from a mini cab company who saw the accident and willing to act as witness.

So went home after a rest, accident happened only within 5 minutes ride of my home so after rest i rode it home carefully. So in the night i was woken up by vomitting and next morning whole body felt different, pain in my left side lower back that meant i had difficulty getting up from my bed or standing up from a sitting position as i could feel the pain to that side, so far it has been three days since but first two days i felt my head a bit burdened and my movement both physical and speech slower than normal.

attended GP next morning after accident to at least report my injury and the accident. notified my insurance company but just that so far. two claim companies called me and send me some paperwork to look at and sign if i am willing to make a claim. i work as security officer on 4 on/off shift that includes days and nights, so took the 4 days off.

any advice much appreciated from people how should i proceed going forward. Shall i leave it to the claims company and do not approach my insurance company too much to future insurance issues.

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Mountain Biking - what bike should I use? [beginner]


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Kawasaki ZZR1100 D6 petrol in sump.

@Colonial-Piglet Hi thanks for the tip, I will replace the original screws with Alan Cap Screws, so I won't be bothered if I damage them getting them out. Cheers.

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What the fuck is going on MCN?

Don't tell me Trump's gonna run it ?

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Subscribe if you like to watch You tube motovloggs

It's so difficult when first starting out a new YouTube motovlgging channel so please subscribe and help be a part of it, If your'e experienced or new, like myself then it would be great to share any advice or ideas to help each other out. I'm from Yorkshire and ride a Suzuki GSX 650 F that I bought brand new, and would highly recommend this bike to anyone considering buying it Just search for Trucking Biker for the You Tube channel it would be nice to hear form you, thanks in advance and ride safe.

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