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What are you doing today ?

@Mickly said:

Went to Triumph B'ham open day (yesterday)
All very nice except I paid £3 for a sausage batch bit into it only to discover that Instead of brown sauce I'd put chocolate sauce on it so it went straight in the bin.
Went out for a bimble around about, handling started feeling a bit iffy, knew I was due a new rear tyre so decided to go home as it was almost unrideable, found out it'd only got 5 psi in it despise checking it was 42 psi before setting out - can't find the puncture 😖

Silver lining is that it was due for replacement anyway.
But I can't work out how to remove the rear wheel !
Looks like it's got a slotted locking ring, tried tapping it with a drift, but with my history of bodgery I didn't want to push it, so it looks like a call to a mobile fitter ££


................Abba stand and a 36mm socket required.....Ride in ride out is your best option.


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Honda Varedero V 125cc brake issue?

@Beelady good idea! never though of that! i have booked it in for tomorrow so will watch how its done :)

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Tail lights and turn lights with EU Type Approval (Certificate of Conformity)

Hello to everyone!

I want to buy tail lights and turn lights, but I really need them to have EU Type Approval (Certificate of Conformity). Maybe someone knows where can I find them? No supplier on Aliexpress has such documentation. :tired_face:

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Siima MotoWear has discounts on their products

Unfortunately, 'Fattajackets' would be of more interest

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Rossi back to his devious best then...

@smidget said:

Hope your just as quick to praise Valentino for making no fuss as to Zarco's move during the race, even shaking Zarco's hand after the race.

Officially that was a "racing incident" with neither party at fault.

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT ferry tickets for sale

How much are you looking for Mick?

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MCE / 4th Dimension

Hi guys.

Cut a long story short... back in October, went out for a ride, one of the guys riding went into the back of my bike. Admitted fault and we went through insurance for the repair of my bike.

My insurers refered me to 4th dimension as it was a non fault claim and they 'specialise' in non fault claims.

His insurance MCE aren't admitting liability and 4th dimension have had my bike since October.

They carried out a repair estimate and emailed over a engineers report. In March MCE replied and said could you please send us an engineers report.

4th dimension emailed over a report. Supposedly a second time.

4th dimension are emailing MCE every week in order for them to get things moving with the repair of my bike and nothing is really getting anywhere as they very often reply to emails and apparently don't accept calls?

Where do I stand? What can I do? It's almost riding season!!

We both have TPFT insurance policies.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Dirt Bike Holidays In Spain

Or, as the holiday season will soon be upon us, perhaps a message in a bottle next time you visit the seaside could work. Good luck :smile:

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New old rider

@1050 I avoid looking at my reflection in mirrors so I should be ok with that 😉

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Cleaning of Matt Black paint on Yamaha XV950

@Norriski you're probably right.... I'm just a brand Whore it would seem lol...

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BSB Donington points?

Dozy twats have added the Donington BSB R2 results but not Q or R1.

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I was in Stratford the other day. I hadn't noticed the 24 hour Mc donald's on the corner of Western rd before, bit unfortunate for your mates business !

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