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Real life Peter Griffin


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forks cb 900 hornet

More info really, has this bike felt ok before? What tyre pressures are you using? Has the tyres more wear on one side than the other? Are the wheels aligned ? Has this bike been involved in an accident?
If the dust seal has oil on it then the inner seal is shot.

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Cheap bike gear, can anyone recommend a decent site?

@dotty said:

@Roasted-Piglet Them "Chaps" sure do look like women............

Driving a "Tranny" has apparently warped your mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For sale - Handmade belt buckle

@CantCorner said:

Only one of Piglets compatriots would call me "buddy" so what do you need a 29" belt for ? :laughing:

To wear it ofcoarse i guess.

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2015 UK MotoGP @ Silverstone

@Mrs-H said:

@HOSBUSA The weather last year wasn`t bad at all...Are you going to the Day of Champions.? Because thats worth going to,you really do get close to Rossi and Co.The auction is some thing else people paying Thousands for signed T-shirts ... Jaw dropping..

No sadly, but we are saving everything we have for the FIA European drag racing Finals at Santa Pod in Sept.

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Boring WSB

Managed to watch the races on telly last night.. Tom Sykes and Jonny Rea battling and bashing was fooking brilliant.. There were only 31,000 at Donington this weekend .. not very good.:worried:

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Helmet park queues ?

Was it just me, or did anyone else find a 30 minute queue to retrieve a helmet after Thruxton BSB unacceptable ?
I have always used the helmet park at BSB meetings. Partly for the convenience of not having to carry gear around all day, but mostly as my small contribution to an excellent charity.
While I am more than happy to donate a few quid to this cause, I am less keen on donating so much of my time to the fruitless exercise of waiting in line while a demonstration of how not to organise a piss up in a brewery is held.

Now I know this makes me a bad person, and I am braced for the responses.
But really, I live a busy life and half an hour of my time is worth a great deal more than a few extra quid to get a service that actually delivers something worth having.
As it is, the charity got a paltry £2, for which I just got pissed off.


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Bennetts Insurance Renewal Rip off

I've had motorbike insurance for over 20 years, Carole Nash in the early days, more recently MCE and this year Bennetts. I had never made a claim in the 20 years (plus owned a car over same period with no claims).
However in July this year (2015) I had my bike stolen, (one of the worst experiences ever), from a fairly busy car park, on a busy road and in broad daylight with immobiliser and disc lock etc. I was insured fully comp with Bennetts. I rang them on the day it was stolen, obviously, I was passed to the Insurer (Chaucer) who in turn passed it to claims company (Brownswords). it only took 5 days from calling Bennetts to getting a call from Brownswords to say my claim would be settled in full and for a very good settlement amount. I received my cheque 12 days from my making my claim!!
All I would say is check small print on policies and avoid agreeing to automatic renewals etc. Happy biking......

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Discount on Hull to Rotterdam ferries

I'm going by car Newhaven to Dieppe next week with LD lines and it cost £160 return. Should be cheaper for a bike!

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What next - post CBT

Did the Hawes - Ingleton road today, slowly. What a great road - apart from the very steep turn in Hawes onto the road itself, which was scary.

Went to meet a couple of friends for lunch, both in their 70s, both apparently typical grandmas. One was very interested in my bike. And she said, over lunch, 'I used to have a Sunbeam, great heavy 500cc thing it was. Used to ride it from Cambridge to Scotland'. I love that, you'd never guess to look at her that she was roaring about the country on a Sunbeam in her 20s. :sunglasses:

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ER5 hard to sell

The ER500 is considerred a bit of an old design since the 650cc version of it was introduced.

Additionally there seems to be a bit of a lull for 2nd hand bike sales at the moment (possibly due to the less than stelar weather we've had so far this year). I tried selling my limited edition Tuono a little while ago at a very competitive price and didn't get much interest at all.

Not much help to you but I suspect 2nd hand bike sales are a bit on the wain at the moment.

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University of Cambridge's assistant

Fooking ell our tax is being spent on that tw*t

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug

I went to the first two shows and it was absolutely brilliant.
The last time I went the Harley crowd had taken over and it was crap.
I took my son and daughter and it was bloody sad. No bands, Virtually no stuff outside in the street and
the custom show was Harleys only with one token paint job Bandit.
We stood and watched the Hawgs riding round and around outside making lots of noise flat out at 50mph until one broke down and then we went home.
Never again.

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