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WSBK Donnington 2015

Anyone know if there is any entertainment/music (Toseland??) after the races on Sunday

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FZ1 brake tool?

Nor me, just guessing. ..

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Goldfren S33 Brake pads and M&P Direct review!

Its a con all round, Goldfren S33 RACING PADS are for RACING and have limited road use. Its in the small print.

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Removable Knee Armour

@meddyuk what you are describing is correct, if the knee armour was over your knee when standing then when you sit on the bike it would be above the knee.

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Casey Stoner original artwork by Anthony Dobson

@Stealth said:

@Piglet2010 said:

@smidget said:

OK I'll give you the knee, so why the wet and slick tyre?

Just cos there's a 27 on the helmet don't mean it is Stoner.


I thought it was Alice.

Alice? Who the fcuks Alice? .....

Some bird that painted her name on the bike.

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Donington race Sunday schedule on the 24th?

cant....true ! Officially, support races start at 10:15, first WSBK race due to start at 12:00

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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I think I'm being defrauded out of my bike

I am not an expert in anyway, but I think for the police to get involved as a criminal matter, there might have to be proof that the guy has no intention of giving the bike and money back.

Can we have an update please?

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This trip sounds great apart from the camping part.

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Mod 2 Test Routes In Garretts Green!!!!!!

or you could have a ride over and follow them out....

if you are not at work that is..

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Need help determining if this deal is worth it

Even in those small photos you can see the left hand front indicator has been snapped off and there is a big scuff on the left hand seat unit plastics.
Who knows what else there might be if you saw it in person?.... a bar end? left side mirror? front fairing?
bent handlebar? bent rear subframe? front forks out of line?

When a bike goes over its not just the engine case that gets damaged.
Without seeing it in person you will not know.,

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The new site is rubbish!

The worst site ever. Previously everything was clear. Now the site is so bad I honestly do not use it very much at all.

If they have any logs that counts the visit they already should know that.

Rubbish is a compliment!

If MCN guys have half of brain they should cut the losses and bring back the old site.

What a waste of money is this new site.

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Duck's Ford

Why would a bird that can both swim and fly need a ford:question:

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