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Sorry.... I got another Question...............

@nev said:

@Piglet2010 said:

@nev said:

We......don't av one.................although the Mother-in-law "swings" by on occasions............

Spank your monkey,
Choke your chicken,
When you're done,
It's finger lickin'.

Unknown (seen on water closet wall)

you gotta stop visiting them places Pigles........

We can use the corn (maize) fields instead, but only when it has grown high enough to hide in. :corn: :poop:

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oil change tips

Gent's, ladies thank you all for the comments all a success any thing to save money normally I would have put it the local bike shop I think he has had enough of my money once again thank you all

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Helmet Camera

You ain't obviously seen my ol' witch cos then you'd realise it's not good to look at her from a distance never mind up close on the rare occasion we're bumping uglies.
So definitely not wanting to watch any re-run of that very short film.
Remember guys , it's a race and there's no points for coming second.

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Rossi Helmets

@Vrossifan said:

Go into the gallery then into helmets, lots of pics of old and new helmets.

Your list is 10 years out of date. :smiling_imp:

(Yes, I am aware the link no longer works.)

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"Two Wheels Good" Private League, MCN FANTASY ROAD RACE 2015, League PIN: 19394

This is it - there are less than 24 hours before the World Superbike weekend at Phillip Island and the start of MCN's 2015 Fantasy Road Race! Be there at the beginning by competing in the "Two Wheels Good" league (PIN #19394), and in addition to bragging rights, maybe you'll win a little somethin' else. Enjoy the season, and see you at the chequered flag! :checkered_flag:

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Size does matter, apparently. :disappointed:

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Carole Nash - any good?

I've been with them for years and have no problems. Their European breakdown cover is excellent also which is included in the premium, which is why they probably don't appear to be the cheapest quote sometimes but I've had reason to use it twice and the call-out was quick. Can't remember how long I've been with them but it must be 10 years at least.

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Motorcycle rental in London?

well ....!!!!!! if that fucker from " Finland " is gonna come over and RENT a bike at them prices for a fortnight ........ he'd be better off BUYING an old 600 divvy ... ( say £800 ) ...doing his trip ...then sell it to some fuckin old square headed immigrant in london ( Romanian more then likley) the end of his trip ( say for £600 ) jobs a " good un " ..... *** NOTE *** DHSS will pay for divvy for immigrant as part of his " benifit package "

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new rider help

Looks gorgeous and for me, if I was starting out, it would be a cracking bike (money no object that is).

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buying used from a shop

@sc0ttie said:

I seen A bike I want to buy, it advertised on ebay as a classified ad. The listing states:

I would expect it to have punchy performance. :fist:

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Hey Admin!

Why are original pictures taken with a camera being flagged as spam?

And why does it take multiple tries to upload a photo, due to the upload stalling out?

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Help needed to increase the Gould construction league from two,please join and make it a challange pin 23277

Just two so might not be hard to be top of the table lol

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