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Individual in USA buying used Honda NC750x from private owner seller in Canada

There are 50+ answers to that, since every state has its own regulations, and the federally governed areas also have theirs, and the NC750X in question is not certified for US sale. It could possibly be done (if you live in Iowa, I suggest not trying - same for California since it is not CARB certified and less than 5 years old), but that is very dependent on how tolerant each state is to "plating" bikes without the proper paperwork from the manufacturer. Also check with US Customs first - as a minimum they may want a cut.

I have a hard time seeing the deal being so good that buying a US certified NC700X instead would not be the better idea.

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Fuel tank

£100 for a tank is a bargain if it's in the right colour. .. snap it up ASAP. ..
failing that, depending on how big your dents are you may be able to get them blown out. .. They pressurise your tank and they pop out. .. Won't work if it's creased tho. ..

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Sat nav by Iphone

doesn't using I-phone sat nav munch up your data allowance...?

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pros and cons of helmet types

I use a full face shoei helmet at about £170 is a good price as i cant afford to spend £400 on an arai. I use to use mx lids in the summer on my old bike.
when my lid is past it i my do the hammer test ie hit the top of the lid with a lump hammer and see what happens then cut off the straps before i bin iit.

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About time we had a BTSport coverage poll

@ianh said:

I was most aggrieved to received an email from BT yesterday.
Whilst the sums involved are relatively modest (for now) it still means i will have to pay £60 per year that i had not expected.

I have advised Ofcom of my concerns, whilst they dont deal with individual cases, i do think that their widespread and prolonged advertising of "free" motogp coverage was misleading could be seen as obtaining money by deception, ie tountamount to fraud.
Complaints now sent to BT and Ofcom and letter to MCN editor. Doubt it will get anywhere but good to vent!

From what I can tell, IF there is "small print" that facilitates this change, the term itself would fall under the UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS ACT <- doubtless plenty of info on the WWW on this... And if the term is unfair/a contravention of Contract Law, the resulting advantage certainly is!!
( See above: I cut an paste the reply I had from CAB in this thread ^^^)

Good to see that you've escalated your own case; for my part, I've contacted Trading Standards (via CAB) - but I will take a pointer from you and refer to OfCom too!

The more people that voice their opinions on this, the better!

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Boring WSB

Managed to watch the races on telly last night.. Tom Sykes and Jonny Rea battling and bashing was fooking brilliant.. There were only 31,000 at Donington this weekend .. not very good.:worried:

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"Where are they now ?"

I remember Chris guy and graham wood. great riders who could run with the best of them. my late brother in law Bob smith used to race with them in the late seventies Early eighties. often wonder what happened To them.

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Overloading & Insurance

all the motorcycle luggage i've bought tells you how much weight is safe and also what max. speed they reccomend.
not that most of us really stick to it. and what happens if the rider is vastly overweight or super-skinny? i don't think there's much they can do about it but they will ask what you were carrying when you had an accident, or at least my insurance company has just asked me that question. luckily i could put my hand on my heart and tell them with a clear conscience. I was sad enough to weigh my tail pack and tank bag before i put them on the bike.

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Spain Bike Transport

Rich be careful what you wish for.

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New Rider with Questions

@NJC1984 10-15 miles of Dual Carriageway is fine for any naked up to the 70 limit........... it's only when you are trying to keep above 170 that it starts to get a bit painful ......unless you have a tailwind ........... in which case 186 is probably the limit.

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How to get the best deal on a new bike

@Pascal - This is only in your favor if your time is worth little - faffing about for multiple dealer visits while you could have being doing something productive or even enjoyable negates the savings.

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Dear Forum IT guys

Thanks guys.

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The Great Brain Ride 2015 - 18th July

Not sure might do see what the diary says particularly if o/h is occupied with daughter. Think I'll phone our kidda see if he going.

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