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Xmas Word Chain Game

I chop down trees, I wear high heels,.............

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AJS Regal Raptor won't start


I would expect a 600 from China to perform as well as a 250cc japanese twin.

By the way, change the fuel on the ayjay ASAP. Petrol nowadays is complete shite and goes off to the point where a bike will not run on it. It's the bloody ethanol that absorbs water.

Interesting thread, thanks mate.

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New French Laws

The French being French will just ignore any law they don't like and if the authorities start clamping down , they'll take to the streets and bring the country to a standstill as they've done before.
Unlike most countries , when French bikers protest , they do it properly .............

The FFMC (our equivalent to MAG) are are quite a powerful group who have been known to bring every major city in France to a standstill at the same time. Got caught up in one in Marseille once - very impressive.
The chances of being pulled in France by the police are slim if you're on British plates unless you're doing something really stupid. They can't be arsed with the paperwork.

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Is there a make of Ladies motorcycle jacket that tailors for ladies with breast implants?

She may have to go the made to measure route. .its hard enough finding leathers to fit large chested ladies let alone accommodating breast implants. .. Don't even bother with Alpine star leathers i can just about squash my D's in them...i sometimes think leather manufacturers forget women come in all shapes and sizes. ..:neutral_face:

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MCN's Love Affair

I normally wouldn't agree with you as I'm a massive Rossi fan but in this instance you're bang on.Sam's win was top draw after the kind of weekend he had and when was the last time you seen such a winning margin in moto3? Then again how long will Leon Haslam continue to get top rides with only a handful of wins in christ knows how long he's been excusing his way ? He's been living off his old mans reputation since day one,I wonder what the excuse will be this year?

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World SuperSport Report

Once again no report on the Supersport race in this weeks paper. Considering it was an historical occasion with the local brothers coming first and fifth.
Now if the winning bikes had been Triumph's, I'm sure it would have been headline news

Please MCN there are other races just as interesting as the GP, WSB and BSB, lets have coverage of the WSS as well

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Type approval document for BMW S1000rr 2015

Do any of you know how I can get the type approval document for BMW S1000RR (2015 year)?

If so, can you let me know the procedure and cost?

Thank you,

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I did a solo trip around France last year in July and it was great. Got down to the south coast and stopped on a campsite at Le Lavandou, very busy round there at that time but lots of campsites and should be quiet when you go. Its only 20 miles from St Tropez along a nice coast road so thats worth a trip. I also recommend Annecy in the Alps. A great campsite to stop at is Camping Champs Fleurie which is about 4 or 5 miles south of the town itself. All amenities near by and the manager Catherine is a cracking blond lass who speaks good English. I also recommend Amboise in the Loire Valley for a campsite which is vast and only a few minutes walk into town, and its cheap. Hope this helps.

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If Riding the Clutch causes wear to the discs, how should I ride on a slow moving traffic?

Slipping the clutch in moderation is fine on most bikes, even some with dry clutches (BMW oilheads and Moto Guzzi cruisers), but if you notice the clutch becoming either grabby or slipping more at it heats up, it is time to cool things off. Now if you have an older Ducati race-replica with a dry clutch, it would be best to use the clutch as little as possible (the bikes are crappy commuters and tourers anyhow).

Almost all slow/plod riding schools in The Colonies teach a friction zone / brake-torque technique, but they all have the riders do breeze-outs (riding around at about 1,000 rpm over idle in second gear to cool things off) between each exercise.

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Best cruiser for a 6ft 4 fella ?

Unless your names Gimley, cruisers arent for you.
Being 6 foot 2" tall and 130 kg myself any bike looks small.

The only bilke that looks right with me on according to my little lady is the Rocket 3.
So forget everything I just said. The Rocket 3 is the cahones !
Sorry jimbo, its a been a long day :grin:

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Ride away insurance T&C link broken

The link to terms and conditions for your ride-away insurance on every bike sale page goes to an old, broken page:

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Thank you

@nev said:

It's looking to be a bit of a Record breaker...........!

Temperature wise or number of forum members appearing ? Ha

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