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My new one piece suit and white boots!

Very nice but pack it in with the smoke, you'll give the bee's cancer!

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ST Tyres for R1?

I use bt 21 on my 600 srad as they are classes as touring as i ride my one to work most days

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Abletronics absolute protec plus problem with movement sensor

Holy moley........... :confounded:

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great service when buying new helmet

Say again........??.....
Just cus you can't spoke proper england like what I used to could, when I was a children..... :wink:

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Black MotoGP riders

@ninjai74 said:

My point here is, there are alot of black riders out there that aren't given a chance to Motogp, WBSK, BSK and TT.

Just remember that most of the Moto3 and some of the Moto2 field are paying for their rides, and about half the MotoGP field does not get paid by their teams. Being a great rider is not good enough - you have to bring family/sponsorship money with you unless someone thinks that you will be a future alien.

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Not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic, since I am not a native speaker of the proper English language.
WSS has an even worse gap, since stupid Laguna Seca cannot figure out how to host both series in the same weekend, unlike every other track on the schedule - Dorna should tell them to get lost, just at they did for Moto World Championship (they of course used to run MotoGP there, but not Moto2 and Moto3).

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Liverpool Ferry parking

Heading up to Liverpool tomorrow and travelling to the Isle of Man as a foot passenger. Any ideas if there is a car park to leave my car in the ferry port or do i need to look further away from the port? any help will be appreciated thanks.

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Bikesure Insurance scam?

Hi, is it normal for bike sure to ask for photos of where your bike is being stored after they've already taken full payment?

list item

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Module 2 test

Have you thought about having a revolution to restore democracy?

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Wont stop revving, GZ 125

Is the bike hard to push (engine off) while in gear and the clutch lever pulled in, but easy to push in neutral?

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Zontes Tiger 125

That's it then, gonna sell my CB 1100 and get a Zontes.

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Yamaha FZ 6 cutting out

@promomast I've replied to your PM, but this site is fickle, so you may not have got it. Hopeless on here sometimes.

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Miracles do happen

I have (like others) been emailing the 'Silent Manager' about my points being incorrect by -12 points for rounds 16, 17 & 18.

This weekend (round 19) my points were still incorrect to a sum of +49 points this time.

Logging into Fantasy Website this lunchtime, I find they are now correct (hooray) or have I spoken to soon?

Congrats & credit to whoever sorted this pile of c**p out.
I take back all I said (well almost).

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@Colonial-Piglet Not the last one I went on. Not much drinking but all sorts of riding guaranteed to draw the wrong sort of attention. Could have been a lot of fun but wasn't.

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