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RIP Heartbreak welcome BREW ROCK

Sounds like a happy man :smiley:

Enjoy !!! Savour the moment.

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gsr750 tyre options

Michelin Pilot road 3, bit cheaper now the 4's are out. Brilliant road tyre, don't square off, never had a better tyre in the wet.

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tank bag

@smidget said:

I wouldn't get that one, the weight of the bike on your back dragging you backwards is a killer especially when fell walking.

So I'm told.


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Hi Viz Jacket

If he's still looking maybe BaldE35 could assist?????????????

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In 11 hours,

" bob on " ...

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Donington race Sunday schedule on the 24th?

cant....true ! Officially, support races start at 10:15, first WSBK race due to start at 12:00

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"Where are they now ?"

I remember Chris guy and graham wood. great riders who could run with the best of them. my late brother in law Bob smith used to race with them in the late seventies Early eighties. often wonder what happened To them.

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legal advice

Loss of earning with your insurance provider best you can do ..... Sounds like you are experiencing some shite luck mate hope things work out for you

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Ace Cafe to Beijing?!?!

Why not try the BMW F800GS? I've got one and done loads of touring. Much lighter than the 1200GS

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First Big Bike Ideas


I'm looking at getting my first big bike and would like to get peoples opinions on several options I'm considering. The bikes I'm considering are:

Suzuki SV650
Kawasaki ER6F
Honda CBR500
Honda CBR650F

The bike would mainly used for commuting and short runs so a compact size and manoeuvrability are most important to me. But I'd also like to do some touring with my friends, so comfort and adaptability is also important.

I'm after a good balance of power. Enough power to comfortable over take a car at motorways speeds, and not high revving and vibrating when cruising at 70, whilst not being too much to handle for a first big bike.

At the moment my preference is towards the Honda CBR650F because of its versatility but I'm unsure if the power might be a little excessive. Although I'm use to owning cars with 350+bhp I understand bikes are a different animal.

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Brake Pads

I've heard Gold Fren are just fab...... :expressionless:

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22 May 2015

I'm coming from West Wales best part of 250 miles one way but making a weekend of it . Travelling down on Thursday

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