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Did Frank Gehry* design this eyesore?

*I would love to wire all his buildings for controlled demolition, then in the words of Larry Silverstein, "pull it".

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melted fuel filter

oh well just wasted the evening stripping my spare engine for shims
looks like i will have to buy eight for the exhausts as they were all the same fucking size ..... would have had more enjoyment putting pins in my eyes :disappointed:

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@HOSBUSA No, you're right, I think they're just bling too, doesn't stop me liking them, along with all the rest of that machined alloy stuff - rearsets, oilcaps etc. Costs a fortune and adds nothing to the value of the bike - I just quite like the grips in black, not sure how comfortable they'de be, but I think I'll save my money...


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Cute or Disgusting?

@BaldE35 said:

everyone seems to got out of their way to wear one. Bowlers...


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Modern Pepsi Suzuki please? come on Pepsi it's the perfect match!

Now that looks very good indeed

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@Snev God, you are a big boy, don't believe anything you are told, especially from a big hat wearing,, big bukkle on belt, pointed boot;s type of person, ya'll.

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L plates

@jaffa90 said:

Yeah I saw this thread but wasn't sure if it could be on mudguard because although it will be visible from front it won't be facing forward fully

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tours&rental in Croatia

@Beelady said:

I'd want a bike I could touch the ground on which limits my choices. I've only had two bikes that haven't had to be lowered, both cruisers.

This Yamaha should work.

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Opinions on Chinese Bikes

That's told you, STS..... :laughing:

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Honda big one, 19998 for sale. 9000 genuine miles dry stored since 1999. Red/White. Immaculate. 12 months mot. located in Devon.

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Hope the Forum update

fixes this problem.

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Extremely easy to use ride journals from Journey Logbook

After taking the motorcycle ride of a lifetime to Alaska, I was going through all the photos and realized so much information was missing and I couldn't recall a number of specifics just days after coming back home. So many details about what was seen, what side roads were ridden, the names of some of the people I met on the adventure, the names of some mom-and-pop motels and eateries, hidden campground locations, and so much more were gone from my memory forever. It's the same problem I have encountered on every great motorcycle journey I've taken. The scraps of paper I had used along the way were nowhere to be found; there had to be a better way documenting these trips.

Chatting with others that travel on motorcycles, RV's, cars, roller skates, whatever...most everybody report the same problem. How to quickly and painlessly document all of the things on the journey that you want to remember later...without spending an hour every day doing it?

Problem solved.

Introducing Journey Logbook. Quick website link if you want to skip the sales pitch below:

Available in EIGHT different versions, these adventure journals make it easy to track each day's events while out on the asphalt, dirt, or in any other environment. Regardless whether you travel by motorcycle, bicycle, automobile, airplane, RV, or even roller skates, Journey Logbook makes it easy to document every one of your adventures going forward.

Unlike a traditional spine-glued journal, these coil-bound, lay flat logbooks provide entries for each day's specific information into your view at once. Open to the day's adventure, write your desired information down on both the left and right pages, close. The daily template guide assures that you cover whatever information you believe to be important or noteworthy on the correct corresponding days. Track expenditures daily...and use the pages at the back of the guide to keep running totals of expenses and other important things in your journey in just one view. Simple. Easy.

Record your adventure. The name and contact info of that rider you met at the gas station that you talked to for an hour. The place that had the best craft beer on the trip and the information to order it when getting back home. How much that repair cost was and which place did the work. A list of those gifts you need to buy on this trip for those back home. What the weather was like each day. And so much more; including a list of reminders before leaving on that important adventure.

Easily documented. And more importantly...these journals are designed so that you can personalize the information entered the way that YOU want. Journey Logbook provides the create your own story. There is not right or wrong way. There's only YOUR WAY.

The logbooks make it simple and easy. Enter your entries at the end of the day while waiting for your dinner meal, before falling asleep, or even through the day on a break while waiting for your friend to finish pumping their gas. Easy to use coil-bound journals lay flat so you can write in them while relaxing in the motel bed or in your tent's sleeping bag. And they are small enough to easily fit into panniers, tank bags, or your roll-down bags. They look great and can be conversation starters to those around you.

Multiple-day journey adventure tracking logbooks are available for 7, 14, 31, and 180-day trips.

Take lots of single-day journeys and can't get away for those long journeys that others do? Track your rides just as easily with the 50- and 100-trip single-day adventure journals which make it easy to see your expenses as well as to track all of your destinations that you have done.

Like to do both regular and long-weekend adventures? The 26- and 52-weekend guides are the perfect take-a-long and have you covered.

I really like supporting small businesses, so we partnered with a great POD publisher to make these high-quality logbooks for us. Our POD's shopping cart is not yet designed to allow for coupon codes, so we just went ahead and discounted all of the prices an average of 20% (15% on the 180-Day logbook) for the members here from what will most likely end up being the final retail pricing. Don't worry, we won't raise prices for awhile...we have a lot of other things to do to keep us busy. Prices for the logbooks now start at just $8 plus s&h.

You can contact us with questions through this thread, a PM, email, or from our website. We'd love your feedback...especially once you start using the journals.

The biggest thing you can do to help our newly started business adventure? SHARE THE WORD! Tell your friends and we'd appreciate it if you SHARE or LIKE us on Facebook and Twitter (links below and at the bottom of our website) and tell others about Journey Logbook. And by the way...with Christmas right around the corner, these make GREAT gifts for all of your friends and family....because everybody travels and these work for all adventures no matter what your transportation method.

Please check us out at any of the following online locations:




Thank you for your support!

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