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I've been lucky enough to be out and about a lot today

@Beelady said:

I don't often get excited by cars but that's very nice. I bet it's all growly :smiley:

Mostly driven by middle-aged men with a mid-life crisis.

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Frame loop cutting

@classifiedmoto no problem, it's just not worth risking your life and potentially someone else's for

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Survey regarding how many motorcyclists are using rucksack/backpack while riding.

Mine was a BMW box. I sold it for quite a lot of money :smile: That was a happy day.

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Ladies Kawasaki Green two piece leathers

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so look forward to talking to you all.
Due to an ankle injury and "age" lol .... I have recently been finding it really difficult to manoeuvre my 2010 Honda CBF600 so have decided to change.....
A new 2017 Kawasaki Z650 Ninja KTR should be under me on the 1st June, I'm so excited!
New leathers in Black & Green are proving to be a bit of a problem though so wondering if anyone can suggest any or have any for sale to suit a 5'3 lady, thanks in advance

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RIP NIcky Hayden


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Unit Spotted?


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Accomodation TT 2017 - Still available - No pre-booking required

If you are still looking for places to stay at the IOM TT 2017, there is still space available at Union Mills campsite.

No pre-booking required - Simply turn up and pay when you arrive

◦Up to 250 pitches available at £10 per person per night.
◦Full access to the clubhouse and facilities including a licensed bar and breakfast and evening food available
◦Big screen TV with TT highlights on every night
◦Walking distance to the famous 'Railway Inn' located on the TT course
◦Plenty of parking for bikes and vans - Bikes and vans can also be parked next to tents

If interested, please click on the link below to access the website where you can book. Alternatively you can turn up and pay when you get there. No booking required Any questions please contact us!

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Helmets on private land

@Daytona-T said:

@Meatbingo it beats getting gravel rash

I'm sure it does.

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Explore Skull Island's homeland with motorbike - Wonderful experience in life

I must say these images are so amazing. I would love to go there in future.

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Looking for riders in or Near Belfast

Alright guys basically as title says. Unlike all my mates I headed towards Biking instead of Cars and now I'm in the unfortunate position ofnit having anyone to go out riding with in my area.
21 years old and ride a CBR600RR if anyone is interested at all feel free to reply, sometimes an extra set of wheels to go out riding with makes it that bit more fun,

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The MCN Forum has an admin?

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Points update

Too little , far far too late ✊💦

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Valentino Rossi VR46 Race Leathers Boots For sale with Shipping Free

Doesn't he need them to wear tomorrow?

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