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Ride To The Wall

Excellent turnout

Estimated 20,000 bikers :thumbsup:

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vague front end feeling, fork oil change?

I have a CBR600fx, registered 2000, it has had 7 owners from new and has 37000 miles on the clock. I have only owned this bike since march this year, and is my first bike in 17 years, after riding through the summer and becoming more familiar with the bike, I have noticed the front end feels very vague, and I have very little confidence in the front end feel . I have also noticed a juddering under heavy braking, possibly warped discs? However my question is, how do I go about changing the fork oil, do I need to remove the forks from the bike, and would it be worth changing the fork springs as well ?

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hard luggage sets

I have a CBR600fx, registered 2000, I would like to fit a set of hard luggage but can only find a top box and frame by Givi suitable for this model, any other manufacturers make a full set of hard luggage to fit?

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Boots Too...

An old boyfriend of my daughter was seeing a guy who worked in an international postal company. He had to scan the packages on the xray scanner and sign each one off.

But the loser was on someone's payroll or he owed a dealer and passed one too many packages through without scanning them. Only packages from a certain Iocation.
But he got caught and sacked. Then he borrowed a few grand off my daughter for the vet bills for his cat. BS.
He never met me but he was petrified of meeting me from very early on.
The fucking worm.
Took a while to open my daughters eyes but we did. They don't thank you for it though do they
Good job I've got some eyes on me.

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Modern Pepsi Suzuki please? come on Pepsi it's the perfect match!

You mean something like this?


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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Personal Injury Claims - rossva1

Spammer digging up old threads.


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Mod 2 test

Went back out today for a couple of hours with instructor. Feel better now. Test again next Friday....

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Opinions on Chinese Bikes

utter, utter shite, using a push iron would be a more reliable form of transport, save up a bit more until you can get something better.

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78 RD400f, 11 miles; how much is it worth

Everything i like that is very good as its been MOT'd since it was registered in 2012.. I rode it last week , a friend did give me a bollocking for not changing the oil first.

I have a winter run round of all the bikes and I will do this.

The bike is run regularly ( once a week or so ) until the bores are nice and warm. There a video of me starting it on

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Hope the Forum update

fixes this problem.

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug


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