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Xmas Word Chain Game

that resembles a Yamaha MT-10...

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honda crf 250/450 service intervals

@gungerdin8 said:

hi lads need ya help ive a crf 450 and my buizness partner just brought a crf 250 gonna service the 250 for him but what hours riding does it need to be serviced any ideas ?

The people I know that race MX rebuild their engines every year after the season is over.

Here is one opinion: www dot crf250 dot net/crf-250-basic-info/

Sorry about the munged URL, but Akismet was flagging it as spam. :rage:

Might as well just quote it. :persevere:
Crf 250 Basic Maintenance Schedule

· Air filter needs to be cleaned and oiled every 1-2 rides

· Change your engine oil and filter every 5 hours or so

· Change your transmission oil every 5 hours or so too

· WASH IT! Cleaning your bike makes it last longer (and look better)!

· Chain needs to be cleaned and lubed after every ride

· Lube all cables at least once a month

· All bearings 1-2 times a year should be cleaned, checked, and re-greased

Of course there are a few more things you could and probably should do like check brakes and tire pressure, but taking care of just some of these simple items will give you the pleasure of riding your Crf 250 for a much longer time.

Once you have these key elements down, there is a somewhat major important piece of maintenance that can never be overlooked in order to make sure your Crf 250 stays running with peak performance.

Keeping proper valve clearances is extremely important. Make sure that your valves are checked at least every 10-20 hours depending on how hard you ride. Don’t forget to check your camshaft and timing chain while you have the valve cover off.

Choosing the right bike mostly depends on its history. If you’re buying a new Crf 250 then it’s no big deal, but buying a nice used one can be difficult. A good bike to buy is one that is clean, mostly stock, has low hours, was properly maintained, and the owner isn’t trying to hide anything.

I wish you all good luck, and just try and remember that the maintenance you perform is more important than anything else on your Crf 250 motocross machine!

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How to de-restrict my skyteam ace 50

@oscarthegrouch Neither is mine......... but I have built up a huge collection of NOS parts for the X1...... including Exhaust, Seat, All Panels, Tank, Mudguards, Clocks, Lights and pretty much every other Important bit........just got to get the new Shed......... and stop going on this bloody site...!

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Leather biking gear shops in essex

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The Best Man; Won Get Over It!

@Roasted-Piglet said:

Speaking of Rossi, if he retires after 2017, Yamaha will be throwing big offers at both Viñales and Rins.

Don't forget Pol..... As we all know they won't see Brad during their negotiations.....

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@Stealth said:

I'm the same with the Aussies.... Lesley thinks I'm weird..... She's probably right.....

They should ask Kyle Smith to say a few words in English - not sure what language he does speak.

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Warranty Issues

@vaughann that's all very good, however the batteries in my crystal ball also have a problem in that they are heavily discharged regularly by people posting questions about things on bikes, if I was a vet I would probably like to know what sort of animal / breed I was dealing with.

So in an effort to assist you is the light a shaped one fitted into a fairing?

OR is it a headlamp fitted to a naked bike?

What make of bike is it?

What model is it?

We know it's a 2014 but that does not mean much as it could be old stock 2013.

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France /Switzerland 2016

What a beautiful place where a story about Robin Hood was filmed that picture

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creep and peep

@Shortbus said:

LOL. That paddling never stops amusing me. And the landings like a duck hitting water, :grinning:

I would like to see them try to ride an enduro or SuMo where they could only get one toe down. :smirk:

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R6 or Zx-6???

Hi there, I'm new to the forums but looking for some advice on what to get next. Currently have a 1990 ZZR600D but looking for something a little more modern come January.
I have narrowed this down to a early-mid 2000's Yammy R6 or a early-mid 2000's Kwaka zx-6. Mainly looking to find out from people who have owned either of these things like riding position, comfort ect...
It will be used near enough everyday for commuting and distance journeys (400 miles) on rare occasion.
Any insight given will be much appreciated and thank-you in advance.

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Die Akismet, Die!

@Roasted-Piglet said:

What Akismet says to an original photo.
F Akismet.PNG

It comes up with that box frequently when posting links to any other site.
If its supposed to be learning software, its still a dunce.

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"Two Wheels Good" Private League, MCN FANTASY ROAD RACE 2015, League PIN: 19394


@Brian1962 said:

Hi Mr Farrell my address, thanks Brian
Brian Lowe
S45 9DP

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Motorcycle Show Ancient to Modern

Looks good. Think I'll pencil it in it if Bobs meet is not on the same day

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