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How's your broadband lately?

Like a foreign language, reading all this :smile: I know we have broadband as Mr B bursts into fluent swearing at regular intervals and starts rummaging behind one of the electrical things that I'm Not Allowed To Touch.
From this I am able to deduce that " F'ing BT" have launched yet another personal attack on him and will suffer a really nasty ending one day.
Then we carry on happily watching things until it happens all over again.

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Zephyr 750 (C1)

@Nelbert before you go too far what is the condition of your battery, you'll need to check battery voltage static and cranking if the voltage drops to below 10 volts when cranking then you will need to change the battery.
How old is the battery?

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Helmet Camera

Go pro all the way. That thing has saved me from multiple insurance claims. Plus it works great off the bike as well.

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Light weight textile Jacket for summer???

I have a RST Paragon 4 jacket which has removable lining and vents front and back with little straps on the front that pull the vent open when you unzip it. It better had be cool coz I'm off to the south of France at the end of June for 3 weeks touring.

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RIP NIcky Hayden


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Unit Spotted?


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TT beer prices

I'm tired of the price or petrol cost going up. Everything I'm hearing is that its not going to get any better in the future. lame.

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Helmets on private land

@Daytona-T said:

@Meatbingo it beats getting gravel rash

I'm sure it does.

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Looking for riders in or Near Belfast

Alright guys basically as title says. Unlike all my mates I headed towards Biking instead of Cars and now I'm in the unfortunate position ofnit having anyone to go out riding with in my area.
21 years old and ride a CBR600RR if anyone is interested at all feel free to reply, sometimes an extra set of wheels to go out riding with makes it that bit more fun,

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New bike

@billyfowler racer bike from Halfords gives great exercise going up hills

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We can but live in hope that someone checks in on us to make sure we're all quarrelling nicely .

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Points update

Too little , far far too late ✊💦

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Valentino Rossi VR46 Race Leathers Boots For sale with Shipping Free

Doesn't he need them to wear tomorrow?

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