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Which bike

@Beelady said:

I looked at the Kawasaki last weekend, too. I thought it looked pretty good, even though, as a rule, I think the only proper cruisers are Harleys. I could make an exception for the two Nev has posted.

Surprised myself there! Must be mellowing with age :confused: Think I'll go and lie down for a while.

This Triumph is not a proper cruiser:question: It is even purple:exclamation:

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Honda Crossrunner Ingition promlem

Don't think it's been tampered with as the problem developed whilst the bike was in view. Suspect a soleniod. Have disconnected the battery until the dealer can look at it next week.

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question for mcn or anyone


Thanks! they don't have a lot of these types of places for Triumph especially street triples around where I live, that website is pretty sweet..... I should have bought the Daytona but back when I bought my bike I didn't know I would be racing at the time, this belly pan thing has been a pain, my first race I had to use this guy"s gxsr lower fairing and it was a pain to put on and it still didn't fit right....... I wish I was just racing other street triples but everyone has the R6 ugh. Thanks again for your help!


Santa Monica CA

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Ear protection

@smidget I think you are right. I'll give it a try, thanks.

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Urgent Advice On Attending The Jerez Moto GP 2015

I have never been to a MotoGP meeting .
This year I was intending to spend 3 weeks in Italy and attend the Mugello meeting but plans have changed and I cannot make it , so I want to go to the Circuito De Jerez instead.
I will be taking my newly acquired motor home and intended to park it by the trackside.
I have been on the Moto GP website but it seems all the general admission tickets are sold and I don't fancy spending around £250 on tickets for the grandstands for me and my wife , my wife isn't really interested in bikes these days (how things change) , so it would be a waste to get tickets for her. I cannot find any camping information either.
I don't want to turn up on spec and be refused entry . Can anyone give me any advice please.

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World SuperSport Report

Once again no report on the Supersport race in this weeks paper. Considering it was an historical occasion with the local brothers coming first and fifth.
Now if the winning bikes had been Triumph's, I'm sure it would have been headline news

Please MCN there are other races just as interesting as the GP, WSB and BSB, lets have coverage of the WSS as well

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Speeding ticket time frames

Many thanks.

I guess I have a while to wait then.

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The Arrow Mill near Alcester, Warks.

Me and the little lady had a cruise out in the car today enjoying the sunshine.
Went down to the Sunday car boot at Long Marston and then worked cross country to Alcester and the biker friendly Arrow Mill later in the afternoon.
No bikes there yet, it's a bit early in the season, but a popular biker chill out place on sunday afternoons.
Sat by the river in very warm sun, was beautiful.
Been there many times on bike or in the car.

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Insurance? anyone really happy with theirs?

I think you're confused with insured and assured . But anywho enjoy tonight.

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6'4" looking for a new bike

6'4" and 12.5 stone at 20 yrs old ... FUCK ME AUNT KATHS CAT ....I were " exactly " the same height and weight as you at 20 yrs old ... gonna tell ya summat now ... ( kind of a crystal ball thing ) .. in another 5 yrs time you will have " ballooned " too around 16st ... due too the intake of copius amounts of lager and shit loadsa fuckin Chinese / indian / mac'donalds ect ect ... and a chronic lack of excersize .... by 30 the shit REALLY will have hit the fan ... your continuous " binge " eatining and drinking will see you hit the " MAGIC " 20st mark .... could be said ( at this point ) your one HUNKY FUCKER of a bloke .. continuing too 40yrs old + ... you' ll then have surpassed the 20st mark ... and there for be classified as one BIG FAT GREY HAIRED BASTARD .... so ........ "For I were once YOU , and YOU will become me .... love youuuuuuuuu xxxx ... RSV MILLIE for " tall cunts " ..

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@BaldE35 said:

:bowtie: Emojis:purple_heart: Anyway can we have a few more please?

'Letch'- Needs to look something like Benny Hill (if you are too young ask someone):man: Motorcycle - And not a Harley...

What about a low-siding H-D?

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Thank you

Anyone riding up from the London area:cow:

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