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70's and 80's Peds.

Hos....... remember the ...Invader Fairing.....? ha ha.......I stopped voting even before I was at the age........ Fuck Em.... Fuck em all...........They've never liked us.........

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Triumph Daytona 675 problems

as smidget says,, fresh fuel & a service . i had a bike stood for 2 month and the fuel went off , started ok but would mis-fire when up to temp.

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Iphone 5s Waterproof case and mount recommendations?

i know kappa do a tank bag with a iphone case built in . hope that helps

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Shop with big range of clothing in Sussex area

I live in Brighton, am very tall and need a shop with a large clothing selection to ensure they've got a good size range. Other than P&H motorcycles in Crawley, does anyone know of any shops in the Sussex Area that might do the trick? Thanks.

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"Two Wheels Good" Private League, MCN FANTASY ROAD RACE 2015, League PIN: 19394

This is it - there are less than 24 hours before the World Superbike weekend at Phillip Island and the start of MCN's 2015 Fantasy Road Race! Be there at the beginning by competing in the "Two Wheels Good" league (PIN #19394), and in addition to bragging rights, maybe you'll win a little somethin' else. Enjoy the season, and see you at the chequered flag! :checkered_flag:

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Size does matter, apparently. :disappointed:

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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50cc moped doing 40mph

Most of the 4-stroke 50cc scooters sold in The Colonies have a top speed in the 35-38 mph range, so 40 mph indicated is certainly possible on the flats, as long as there is not a governor holding top speed down.

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Straightliners round 1 and RWYB 29th March Santa Pod.

This was last year in Sept. I think it was the National Finals.
Anyway here are some photos to give you an idea of how good it is at the Pod.
I've got hundreds of photos from there !!











and if you're going to have a pipe.............. AVE A F***ING PIPE !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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any chance of getting a " jump of cunt " ..on one of yer ride-outs ? that WOULD be well worth it ....

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I know F A

I've been looking , admittedly not very hard , for an off - road bike for a while just to hack around on and improve riding skills. ( I will not be taking it on the road )
Recently I have been offered a KTM 200 exc, which from a bit of research seems reasonably priced so I was wondering if anybody new anything about them and what I should look for ; apart from the obvious ; when I go and see it. The present owner says he's just replaced the piston and bottom end.

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The new site is rubbish!

You'll get the hang of it and let's face it if it was too easy what fun would that be? :smiley: Post a note on Sean's thread and he will respond .....eventually

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Help needed to increase the Gould construction league from two,please join and make it a challange pin 23277

Just two so might not be hard to be top of the table lol

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