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Paddy finds a vase in a puddle

Baileys come to mind!:no_mouth:

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@fogie said:

You are a wanker of the highest order.

Wanker? Criminal is more apt.

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How much protection do you want in motorbike boots?

A lot of protection threats await your feet and ankles when you are on track. What type of protection do you consider must have every bikers boot?

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Buy Branded Motorcycle Leather Jackets on SALE Price !

@davidvilla001 said:

Maximo-Moto is offering to buy high quality motorcycle jackets from its large collection.

That seems to be a purely internal issue, eh?

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Who is your favorite rider for Brno MotoGP?

My 27p is on Dovi......

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Thailand Smiles to Asia SuperMoto

Lewis Cornish #8.JPG
NAKHON CHAI SI, THAILAND, 18 SEPTEMBER 2017 – 2 and 3 September 2017 welcomed the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship to one of the highly prestigious global motorsport circuit, the Thailand Circuit Motorsport Complex, witnessed a significant change to the SuperMoto landscape in Thailand.

The Thai community and families across the world flocked to the circuit over the race weekend to see the beginning of another fantastic Asia SuperMoto season with 17 riders from 13 countries competing for standing points and the championship title.

While it can be considered as a good omen to steal the opening round trophy, the journey is still far away from the ultimate crown this season.

Last weekend we saw some great and not-so-great rides by the riders with some flying through the triple dirt section and long straights but held back the rest with under expectation performance on the track. United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong and the Netherlands’ Marcel Van Drunen took the top position with high flying performance across the track despite the changes in condition on the dirt track.

The threatening weather from a scorching sun to a cloudy weather and a torrential downpour at night turns the tide as riders braved through the rutted dirt track without a full understanding of the dirt’s condition. With a 4:6 ratio of dirt track against tarmac, the off-road section became the game changer of the championship.

This was evident when Malaysia’s ace and 2016 overall champion missed a few whoops and ran into trouble at the third dirt section, in addition to a total brake malfunction in Moto 2. The frustration led him to mistakes as he missed the first dirt section two laps before the chequered-flag, riding straight into the asphalt, giving him a time penalty. Muhd Habibullah currently stands at the fourth overall positioning.

However, Lewis’ adaptability to the circuit with a double holeshot for Moto 1 and Moto 2 gave him an advantage as he leads the pack with an empty course in the first lap, leaving the second and third grid positioning Trakan and Habibullah to an ardent battle. Soon after the crash by Habibullah at Moto 2, Trakarn sped and challenged Lewis for the top spot, but it was Lewis that outshined the 2015 overall champion for a solid win at the opening round.

Meanwhile, Habibullah’s Malaysian counterpart, Khairi Zakaria also faced multiple challenges when Netherlands’ Marcel Van Drunen targeted him as the opponent on track. The brawl between the duo soon became the spectator’s favourite with when they constantly battle for the third positioning, but it was Marcel that aced the fight and fled for his next opponent soon after distancing himself from Khairi.

Other notable riders will be Indonesia’s Farhan Hendro and Philippines’ Kenneth San Andres. Both riders had a slow start during the free practice session on Friday and Saturday morning, but they unleashed their skills during Moto 1 and Moto 2, making them as the most promising riders this SuperMoto season.

“The opening round was an astounding start to the season. Top riders across the world recognise the championship as a prestigious race to uplift their portfolio. With an increasing standard and extended outreach this season, I believe that our global fans will be treated to one of the best motorsport races in 2017,” said Satheswaran Mayachandran.

The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship season will be streamed live on powered by E-Plus Global, an Over-The-Top platform that provides HD Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand (VOD) for every round of the championship.

The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship will commence at Stadion Manahan, Kota Surakarta, Central Jawa, Indonesia on 14 and 15 October 2017.

For more information, visit or watch the race live for f ree in HD on powered by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.

FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is promoted by Asia Supersports Group, a consortium of three companies namely Bikenation Motorsports Sdn Bhd, Trade My Superbike and E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; sanctioned by FIM Asia and FMSCT; and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia), Malay Mail, Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari and TX Sports.

Trakarn Thangthong #5.jpg
Muhd Habibullah #1 and Takashi Sasaki #101.jpg

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Classic TT Ferry Tickets for sale

Camper van and 2 passengers HEYSHAM to DOUGLAS Fri 25-Aug-17 14:15pm DOUGLAS to HEYSHAM Tue 29-Aug-17 08:45am £250.00

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Bikelawyer. Andrew Campbell.

Thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot to us. We wish you all the best for the future. Best wishes, Andrew Campbell and the Bikelawyer team.

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Don't give up do you, arsehole! About time MCN got the police involved.

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Mid Life Crisis Time

Wow! a new poster who actually comes on and updates and thanks people..............Hope you'll be very happy with the new bike JonC......remember road salt is your enemy....wash it off.

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Is this a scam?

It's a scam. PayPal should never be used to buy or sell bikes as you are not covered by their protection scheme.

These are the purchases PayPal Buyer Protection doesn't cover.

Real estate.
Motorised vehicles (of any kind).
Customer-made items.
Industrial machinery (for manufacturing).
Prepaid cards.
Items that violate our policies.
Anything you buy in person.
Money transfers to friends or family.

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Why if I am reading a thread with 114 posts in it,

Remember dial up from the 90s? Well mcn works much like that, it takes a year to fully load up

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points problems

Click on 'View Player Stats' on team page, will show points for current team.

Click on 'Points Per Race' (left top of list), will show points per each race.

'Click on 'green down arrow' on each race, will show rider points per race.

Good Luck, lol

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Cat & Fiddle pub ride out.

@Beelady said:

@CagivaELEfan I didn't know you had one of those. Take a picture while you have it out and post it here so we can see it.
Reminds me that I need to book an MOT for the Striple next month, and the Daytona as well, if it's still here.

Yeah I'd like to see a pic of that as I like cbr's

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