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Monster Energy "Ultra"

Has anyone actually tried this?

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Keeps cutting out

@Shortbus said:

@EBStudio Sorry to hear this isn't going well so far. Don't get discouraged. It sounds like you're moving in the right direction. Don't adjust the throttle cable to keep it running, that's a clever idea but not a good one. We can come back to that later if needed.
As soon as you have that voltmeter, test your battery and kindly report the result. Telling us previously that "all is well" after charging the battery may have mislead us. If your electric starter can happily spin the engine after an engine stall, that indicates to me that the stalling is not battery related.
All that brings us to the carburetor (assuming it has one), and the intake system. As stated, clogged idle (pilot) fuel jets can cause this behavior. An air leak downstream from the carb will act the same way. I don't know your bike but I've also seen engines that run weird without the right air cleaner installed. Does your bike have a choke lever? If so, will applying partial choke keep the engine running? Let us know, we need that happy ending.

Also water contamination in the fuel will give these symptoms ..... will make a multi cylinder bike misfire but would make a single cylinder bike stall.....
what to look for is small floating balls of what looks like an air bubble in the bottom of the fuel tank or what you drain off the carb
pic to followWP_20150823_001.jpg

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Scott Leathers- Any Good???

I've been looking for m2m leathers and been asking around...there is little in the way of current reviews for Scott Leathers.. 2015-16.

I mailed them at the end of Nov 15 and never got a reply, I e mailed them again Wed 3rd Feb reply as of Friday 5th...called the office number listed on their outdated (2006) website, let it ring approx 20 answer machine, so couldn't leave a message. Gave up at that point and hung phone up.

I will call them once on Monday, I'm actually curious now if they are still trading, I discussed this on our S1000RR Forum, couple of the guys had exactly same issues, zero communications...Not sure I want to give them any of my money, can you imagine if you had a complaint... one call they get, that's it. The other lads went elsewhere...NOT impressed so far.

If a company is that bad at handling comms in this day and age then they really don't deserve my business tbh...

ONE CALL... let's see if anyone picks up the phone. Let you know how I get on.

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@HOSBUSA True. Shame i was in the car with no roof.

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@Stealth said:

I'm the same with the Aussies.... Lesley thinks I'm weird..... She's probably right.....

They should ask Kyle Smith to say a few words in English - not sure what language he does speak.

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turbo bike insurance

Thanks for the replies guys. I have had insurance on a fireblade in germany inside of 2 years so all might not be lost - although I doubt many companies take overseas NCB.
As to the project - I'd be doing a mild setup making less power than a modern superbike - more as a tinkering/engineering project than anything. Of course I bet most insurers wouldn't view things that way.

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We're on about a trip to scotland based around fort william with a view to riding up to applecross and possibly fitting in a visit to a distillery as well. i would welcome any ideas on good biker friendly hotels or guest houses .

You don't say where you are coming from but a couple of ideas for the route up that we have done are.
Penrith - Alston (Hartside café) - Brampton - Longtown - Gretna.
If you fancy a longer journey at that point try - A75 past Dumfries to Crocketford, then up to New Galloway then Ayr, or even better New Galloway back to Newton Stewart the up to Girvan - Ayr.

Or there is

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Feel a Plonker!

@thehosk89 I'd definitely recommend Bikesafe... Did it yesterday with the met police....,£45.00, all day with a great talk...two observed rides, first one about an hour, second one maybe two and a half hours in varying traffic conditions, country lanes, town etc, plus lunch thrown in and it was lovely. The copper was hilarious and informative rode his BMW like a dream never seen such smooth and fluid control of a bike to be honest. At the end of ride two he said he would have liked to be out longer as he was really enjoying himself...if you havn't done one give yourself a treat especially if you've recently passed your Mod 2...I had a blast and with a copper behind you no one takes the piss!!!!"

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@hairybob said:

ok 10 x 9.5mm x 2.30mm :smiley:

thats you on the naughty step bob ....... ha:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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yamaha srx600 fuel tank

hi im building an srx 600 cafe racer if anyone has or knows of a fuel tank for this bike even dented ill have it leave details ill reply straight away thanks


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@Brian1962 said:

Hi Mr Farrell my address, thanks Brian
Brian Lowe
S45 9DP

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Poker Runs

I would never drink if I'm riding my bike (or driving my car either). Not even one drink.

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