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A Tesla

@preunit said:

@Snev ...and the funniest thing of all is.....they're so bored that they log on to comment on how boring it it's to see their stupid or badly spelt comments reused 😂🤣😂

And..... in the Early hours.................... when everyone else is asleep...................... :open_mouth:

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Bandit 600 1999 problem

I can see where you coming from with that idea hairybob, as even with the oil change, the colour of the liquid coming from the area around the studs was dirty, and is one of the possibilities that I have thought of us well. at the mo, I haven't got the coils connected as tried to open up the header, but easy to reconnect.
The coil set that is for chambers 2+3 looks to be much newer though.
The other thing I thought of as well is what about the oil going through the exhaust pipe, unless of course its petrol that's very dirty, and somehow mixed with oil. Suppose not easy to tell with oil cooled system, unlike a water cooled one.
How should I be able to tell if the spark is strong enough again?
Ill also clean the connections between the main wire and the coils, and see what happens from there

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ZX6R 1998 G1 fairing bolts

@Colonial-Piglet My MT has mostly Furry ones............ :grin:

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1 piece leathers, boots and gloves!

Most of us with some years of riding experience could write a book on this subject. Here's a brief summary to be going on with.

Why a one-piece? A two-piece is much more convenient and easier to live with. You haven't mentioned a budget - the leather kit I use is Scott's Venom jacket and trousers. It's well priced, very well made and still looks new after over a decade of use. I have had some Frank Thomas kit in the past but was disappointed with the quality. Remember that leathers are not waterproof!!

As for how long kit lasts - a lot of that depends on how you will look after it. Treat it well and most of the major brands should give you many years of service.

The most important think with kit, particularly helmets, if what it fits you properly. Don't buy online. Go to a retailer that you know is trusted and will sell you stuff that fits - not old stock that they want to shift.

My view on helmets is but one with as little furniture on it as possible. All helmets have (and need) vents but loads of fancy vents and spoilers only add noise and cost. The same applied to paint jobs. You are better off buying a superior model in a particular brands range rather than a more basic lid with a fancy race-replica paint job. Last years designs/models are usually good value - again, as long as they fit!

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Rossi back to his devious best then...

It is always to my thần tượng

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Boring WSB

A good idea to spice up world superbore bikes is to put a sex doll on the back, or even better put the girl on the front. I followed the series from 1989 but it's a total bore now it's time may come around again but with GP racing as good as it is I doubt you will see superbore bikes as popular as it was in the 90's.

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1200's V 1000's

@commandomon said:

Isn't it funny how they are 1200cc, with a bit of ballast, against 1000cc bikes. Am I the only one to notice how much faster down the straights the Duke is.

So why is the Panigale being replaced by a V-4 powered bike in 2019? But yes, Ducati has used the twin displacement advantage to quite a few Superbike titles.

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What is a "Signed Driving Experience Declaration"

@GreenTea said:

Just got the "Driving Experience Declaration" form to fill in.

Is just asks -

How many years no claims do you have?

How long have you been driving for?

Insurance company from a price comparison site, Pink Pound Insurance Company.

What is the colour of your fridge?

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North Wales in the sunshine

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Examiner completely out of order - MOD 1. FAILED. Has anyone been in similar situation?

Hi, just a footnote to your question, you can have 5 rider faults on the mod 1. So I cannot see how you failed for what your saying. You must have had a serious fault for something or not met the speed in one of the high speed exercises.

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New bike

These kinds of motorbikes are very comfortable for riders. Moreover, It is of very low price. It is very affordable in price

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Fuck off you prick.

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points problems

Click on 'View Player Stats' on team page, will show points for current team.

Click on 'Points Per Race' (left top of list), will show points per each race.

'Click on 'green down arrow' on each race, will show rider points per race.

Good Luck, lol

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Sunburnt? :smile:

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