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Xmas Word Chain Game be one of the ugliest

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Trials handlebars on ER5?

I had an ER5 for fiveish years great hoot and you can really chuck it around but the finish was dubious which completely hacked me off, OEM tyres just had to go they lacked the feel I was expecting. I am a fat git so suspension needed to be tweaked one notch up from the delivery settings but apart from that I did a track day on the bike with bike safe and then went out with a copper and a 750 rider and didn't embarrass myself. So all in all a good bike that was clearly made to a price.
Have fun

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Ventz Rider Cooling System

I like armoured mesh gloves for hot days. Lovely sensation, all the cool air across the back of your hands.

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Helmet Brands

My big head (who said that?) is a shoei bonce.

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2015 UK MotoGP @ Silverstone

@Mrs-H said:

@HOSBUSA The weather last year wasn`t bad at all...Are you going to the Day of Champions.? Because thats worth going to,you really do get close to Rossi and Co.The auction is some thing else people paying Thousands for signed T-shirts ... Jaw dropping..

No sadly, but we are saving everything we have for the FIA European drag racing Finals at Santa Pod in Sept.

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Boring WSB

Managed to watch the races on telly last night.. Tom Sykes and Jonny Rea battling and bashing was fooking brilliant.. There were only 31,000 at Donington this weekend .. not very good.:worried:

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Helmet park queues ?

No one like queuing, its one of life's utterly pointless activities.
But locking my helmet to my bike simply means a good fund raising idea loses out.
Surely there is a way to organise this so as to avoid or minimise the queues ?
After all, its hardly a surprise that most people want to pick up their gear just after the last race finishes

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Rejecting a used motorcycle.............advice from trading standards

take this as a warning folks Ive owned my WK SP125N for 11 months. Its had a new engine, gearbox, radiator, fuel tank, headlight, rear seat front wheel bearings changed under warranty. It`s now got snapped headstock bearings. { bike has only done 3852 miles }

I was advised by the garage repairing the bike to reject it and get my money back .

I contacted trading standards but they have advised me that it would be very difficult to prove the bike was not fit for purpose at the time of purchase. { ? ? } .

I guess the massive amount of repairs it has required doesn`t count.

WK bikes UK should hang their heads in shame ......... DO NOT BUY A WK BIKE

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travel advice please

Let's face it just about every knob in the world drives on our roads ...

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What next - post CBT

You're hooked on it now :smile: Happy days.

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Wk sp125n

ive had the engine , gearbox, headlight , radiator, ignition system, fuel tank, rear seat all replaced under warranty [ bike is 11 moths old / 3852 miles ] . the headstock bearings have gone now. I tried to reject the bike but trading standards are saying it would be hard to prove the bike wasnt fit for purpose at the time of sale .

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University of Cambridge's assistant

Fooking ell our tax is being spent on that tw*t

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug

I went to the first two shows and it was absolutely brilliant.
The last time I went the Harley crowd had taken over and it was crap.
I took my son and daughter and it was bloody sad. No bands, Virtually no stuff outside in the street and
the custom show was Harleys only with one token paint job Bandit.
We stood and watched the Hawgs riding round and around outside making lots of noise flat out at 50mph until one broke down and then we went home.
Never again.

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