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You may stand out,but ffs it sho is uglee

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Front end vibration/judder under braking

The slightly buckled wheel would be the first thing I'd look at as a potential cause. The buckle will move the centre line contact point of the tyre slightly so when braking this slight side to side movement will influence the feel. Additionally you might want to check the suspension settings aren't contributing to the problem. Are the suspension settings still to factory settings or have they been modified. How is the damping as well

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SHAD Side Panniers

We've used Shad panniers and top box on three different bikes. Same boxes but new fitting kits for each bike. I suppose the boxes are around 3 years old now. They've survived several European trips and a few rallies as well. The inner straps work well when someone (not me!) forgot to close a pannier properly recently. I was expecting to get the contents hurled at me, following behind, but everything stayed put.
When I first saw them I thought they looked a bit flimsy compared to some of the more expensive makes but so far they've been really good and seem to be waterproof too, as no leaks so far.

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Improving Safety for Motorcycle Riders, Survey for Undergraduate University project. [10mins]

@brutale-r said:

car drivers need

Their heads placed on a pike by the roadside for using mobile devices while driving.

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Motogp tickets valencia 11-13 nov

@spenceg said:

It's hard sell now the doctor is the patient 😂

Probably more demand next year if Karel Abraham makes a return to MotoGP. :wink:

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

@Colonial-Piglet will you please be more careful , motorsport is dangerous ( as if you didn't know ) we often have signs around our racetracks telling us motorsport is dangerous and not take copy it on the public road when you leave , spoil sports .

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Hooray! I just "won" BSB title on full factory bike

I take your point about Shakey, It's just that sometimes he runs his mouth off. In the past he scathed about the showdown format, Well after his Oulton Park "Performance" last month it sure worked out for him this year. Don't like Ducati in Production racing (and never have tbh) as they have always bent/manipulated the rules to suit themselves.

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Green Card Insurance Non-EU countries

Thought I'd share my experience of bike insurance for a trip involving non-eu countries in 2016.

Research before the trip suggested Green Cards were no longer needed/available and border insurance should be available at the borders. However I eventually purchased a green card in UK from "Tour Insure" based in Germany and my mate decided to chance it, as it wasn't cheap 208 euro for 1 month.

Our trip eventually took us though Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. On the first border crossing from Romania into Serbia on the E-70 directly south of Timisoara, my friend was unable to buy any insurance at the border but the border staff let him in anyway. The second non-eu border was from Serbia to Bosnia (Bosut/Velino Selo), where he was not allowed to enter Bosnia before purchasing some insurance which was possible at the border, they accepted my Green Card without question.

If you're interested in the trip, check it out here the border crossings are in part 2 and 3.

Hope this helps others like me who was a bit confused pre trip what the score was.

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@Colonial-Piglet That's the gamble!!

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London DAS Training

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help... I'm looking for somewhere to do a 3 day DAS course in South London (I live near Wandsworth). I can only find two schools on google with mixed reviews and was hoping someone on here might be able to recommend one?



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Hyosung Aquila 125 vs Honda Shadow 125

Hi MCN forum users,

I posted a topic for buying advice of 2 bikes, but I think that I started that wrong so I redo it a bit.

I'm 6'2 and a my legs are a issue with most bikes.
My driving style and needs for a bike are made for cruisers, even though most topics for tall drivers advice to get a dualsport.

I have 2 bikes in my mind that do fit me if I use a motorcycle ergonomics simulator.
These are the Hyosung Aquila 125 and the Honda Shadow 125.

The reviews I read all over the internet say both are reliable and durable, but how do these bike compare with each other.

What I know now is these things:
I can find the honda for cheaper because there are more for sale second hand.
The honda is reliable, but the hyosung is sturdy build (reviews say these things)
The hyosung 125 is a 250 model with a 125cc engine swaped from factory.
Both are v-twin and have a large aftermarket list of accessories.

What I would like to know is these things:
How does the shadow 125 look next to the 250 version?
Can normal "all brand bike" shops service a korean bike that shares engine with suzuki?
And why do most people bite off a korean bike brand just for not beeing a harley, suzuki or any big name.?

Thanks to anyone that has knowledge with both these bikes.

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Pic size

@hairybob thanks mate . my post in clothing [ Frank Thomas ].

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Oulton Triple Header results missing 3rd race.

My points are now correct, it would seem Outlon Park 3rd race points have been awarded.

I'll shut up now, good luck everyone.

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R.I.P john Hathaway

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