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Daytona Bike Week 2016

@hosman "He was drunk and riding with his wife on pillion"
I have NEVER and never will ride a bike if i have had alcohol.
The only patches i like is one sung by Clarence Carter. ????

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led headlight wiring

@Colonial-Piglet said:

Q. How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?

A. One. Germans are efficient and do not have humour.

.........So no use getting them one of these t's for Christmas then?


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Waterless detailing kit - Black Friday deal

Remember they marked it up 45% lest week. Think i may have mentioned, it's all bollock's.

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GTH Leathers

My old faithful leather has died and I realised when I started looking that they're too expensive. Anyone have any experience of GTH leathers? Good enough at the price or cheap and nasty? Cheers

list item

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Motogp tickets valencia 11-13 nov

@spenceg said:

It's hard sell now the doctor is the patient 😂

Probably more demand next year if Karel Abraham makes a return to MotoGP. :wink:

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Ducati bit like the nineties/noughties all over again?

@alol I tend to agree. Nothing against Shakey but I was routing for any of the other riders to win the series. Saw the Donington Park round and enjoyed it but the main events were a bit of a let down because of over dominance by the Ducati team.

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Hooray! I just "won" BSB title on full factory bike

I take your point about Shakey, It's just that sometimes he runs his mouth off. In the past he scathed about the showdown format, Well after his Oulton Park "Performance" last month it sure worked out for him this year. Don't like Ducati in Production racing (and never have tbh) as they have always bent/manipulated the rules to suit themselves.

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That age old insurance question.

@BadHabits6882 said:

This is my first post on MCN and I am new to the motorcycle world.

This forum has something to do with motorcycles? :open_mouth:

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Safety pecautions

Biker SOS or Real rider from the Play store could be useful.

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Northants -> Lisbon

@Colonial-Piglet said:

@MarcusMarsh said:

The ferry crossing is 24 hours. The ship has bars and entertainment

On-board SuperMoto track?

Not yet :-)

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Why paypal should be avoided - 2 current scams!

I use paypal on ebay to buy stuff all the time with no prob.
I only take cash or a swop when i sell my bike

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Problems with the forum

Nothing good happens when I'm involved . :imp:

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MCN... where are my SuperSport Evo Tyres ?? Im the winner round 4 .

MCN... where are my SuperSport Evo Tyres ?? Im the winner round 4 . Team: "I Love Elton John". We finished our season but im still awaiting for my reward,a pair of Michelin Power SuperSport Evo tyres. Is a chance for any email from You ? (term & con. ) thx

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R.I.P john Hathaway

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