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Hydraulic bike lift.

@albert88 said:

Whats the hammer 4?

When the Hammer 3 just won't do.

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Honda vision 110 electric issue

@fogie okay cool, I'll check out the generator then

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Just added this to my Kawasaki

Just done a little more work one of my Kawasaki's - the Vulcan S. Ive fitted a backrest and rack - here's a Blog post if it's your thing


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Advice if you please...

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
Bought the Shoei GT Air from Proto (Newcastle), walked around the shop for a good while with the helmet on as suggested, snug fit but became more comfortable the longer I had it on. Got the Dainese Veloster jacket from M&S motorcycles (Newcastle), excellent service and advice from the staff. Happy with the price I paid and would definitely shop there again.

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Black MotoGP riders

@ninjai74 said:

My point here is, there are alot of black riders out there that aren't given a chance to Motogp, WBSK, BSK and TT.

Just remember that most of the Moto3 and some of the Moto2 field are paying for their rides, and about half the MotoGP field does not get paid by their teams. Being a great rider is not good enough - you have to bring family/sponsorship money with you unless someone thinks that you will be a future alien.

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

@Colonial-Piglet will you please be more careful , motorsport is dangerous ( as if you didn't know ) we often have signs around our racetracks telling us motorsport is dangerous and not take copy it on the public road when you leave , spoil sports .

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Classic TT cheating.

So the Classic TT/Manx is over yet not a thing in MCN today about last Wednesdays and Fridays races?
Plus nothing about the cheating from certain High profile teams in MCN, over sized engine and other technical infringements. Star riders disqualified for over sized fuel tanks but then the rider is reinstated by the Clark of the course so then the chief scrutineer resigns on the spot! But other star riders are excluded due to over sized engines and NOT reinstated? Now I'm not accusing any rider of cheating its the people who supplied and prepared the machines. But the regs state that the onus is on the rider to ensure the machine is legal!!
But what kind of message does this send out when machines are checked after the race and found illegal the Star rider is reinstated ( Remember the Dunlop incident at the TT with coated valve buckets.) It makes it a joke doesn't it, but even more when MCN doesn't report is obviously not news to them. Not impressed MCN. JB

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Brand new learner legal scooter not restricted

A modern 50cc scooter can keep up with motorway traffic. FACT

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a few miles in Derbyshire

Did a few miles in Derbyshire yesterday and found a decent place for a bite to eat. Some words and pictures here:

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A2 License - to go restricted or not

They are both good bikes. Choose which one you like the best. (There's nothing wrong with having the CBR650 restricted)

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delivery scooter

Seeing Deliveroo riders everyday somewhere nr Leeds, it seems the best scooter is one that can do this all day, with the rider generally wearing trackies and trainers with no gloves.

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Pic size

@hairybob thanks mate . my post in clothing [ Frank Thomas ].

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Oulton Triple Header results missing 3rd race.

Last weekends points have been awarded (correctly), STILL no points for Oulton Park 3rd rac.

I hope these stupid buggers realize Brands Hatch is three race meeting..

Yes that's THREE, not 2, or 1, but THREE !!!!!

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R.I.P john Hathaway

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