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Just got back from Essex.

@dotty said:

Well............. Having taken up your challenge Hos........ I have spent twenty minutes looking for any Great and amazing things.......... all I found out was......"at 1.34 miles in length, Southend Pier is the longest in the World...................... and that T.O.W.I.E ................. is currently the most dire TV show ever aired......................... followed closely by "Made in Essex".................

At least three more things than I thought :laughing:
I was trying to think of any highlights and the only one was we had a bloody good take out Indian last night !!!! :heart_eyes:
I had a classic chicken tikka balti, pilua rice, a garlic naan and a saag aloo side.
Top quality AND generous portions.
One of the best take away curries aways for a long time. What a shame it is far away :wink:

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honda cbf 125 no brakes

All it says on they have is bleed the line

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Rear View Mirrors - Filtering Friendy

@a2amali I have no problem filtering.
I used to ride daily into Kingston across Tolworth.
I still do regular journeys on the M25 without problems, the mirror extremity is just wider than my elbows by about one and a half inches.
I also have to get through a gateway at home which is narrower than the mirrors but I don't find it a problem to lean the bike slightly to get it through.

I hope the mirrors you have purchased do what you require.

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Any recommendations for a back protector for a Wolf jacket?

I've got a Dainese back protector that moves with my back. It can be worn with any jacket and as long as it had no in built back protector. Usually easily removable.

The Dainese is superb, don't even know I'm wearing it. But Knox are just the same wear with any jacket.

But talk to people who know about back protectors to ensure you get the right fit and the right length for your spine.

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Lorenzo and Rossi now have respect

Yeah finally the Dogturd has kind of admitted he was wrong to try and stab his team mate in the back and get him sacked. Issuing a Factory with a Ultimatum and when his bluff was called crying off to Ducati where he should have been left to rot.

Nice of him, Eh?

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Overtaking accident and over evaluated written off bike

ACIC on here may help.

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Rear brake lock up

If you have a Honda CBR600RR or CBR1000RR with C-ABS, you can either grab the brake lever or stomp on the foot pedal, and the electronics and hydraulic servos will do the proper distribution for you.

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CBT woes

@bmwgs said:

Do you know any one with a 125 gear bike you could learn on in a carpark or on privet land.

Don't toss the letter Q onto privet land if rabbits and foxes are there.

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Ginger Prix Motorcycles Norwich

I'm a new biker, and still trying to find my way in the wide world of bikes! I'm looking to buy my first 125cc bike after completing my CBT, which I'm mainly going to be using for commuting, but would also like to ride with my friend on a weekend. Most of my commute is 50/60mph A roads, with a 2 mile stretch of dual carriageway and a sprinkling of 30/40mph zones, so I'm trying to find myself a Honda CBR125R from 2011 onwards as that's the one I like the look of most!

Anyway, back to the topic - I've found a couple of nice looking bikes advertised through Gumtree by Ginger Prix Motorcycles in Long Stratton near Norwich, but it's quite a long way from where I live, and I can't find a lot of information about them. They only started to post on their facebook page a couple of months ago, so I'm guessing it's a fairly new business, but I was hoping some more knowledgeable people might be able to help!

I know my budget (£2,000) will be stretched trying to get the bike that I want, but as it's my first bike I don't want any insurance category bikes and would prefer to buy from some kind of garage for a little bit more peace of mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug


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