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I'm too slow to do anything that mad, but I once tried to keep up with Pre Unit around Silverstone - him on the ZX10 and me on a 2 speed Scott! You can guess how long that lasted!!!!!!

We must be due another meet up soon? Kettle's always on at my place.

Ride safe,

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Neutral Light Stays On?

As said about the wiring, also remove /check the switch at the box.

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Exhaust for an sfv650 gladius? Good Companies please

It must be possible to find one closer to home. Is there an owners forum you could try? Usually a good place to find parts.

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Boots Too...

@manbitesdog I could do with a gun....any chance of popping one in the post?

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Modern Pepsi Suzuki please? come on Pepsi it's the perfect match!

I'm sure someone who is a dab hand at photoshop can do a better job than me. I just think a modern blue Pepsi Suzuki would look really good.

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Personal Injury Claims - rossva1

Spammer digging up old threads.


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Mod 2 test

Went back out today for a couple of hours with instructor. Feel better now. Test again next Friday....

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Opinions on Chinese Bikes

utter, utter shite, using a push iron would be a more reliable form of transport, save up a bit more until you can get something better.

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78 RD400f, 11 miles; how much is it worth

I own a RD350lc which I restored from basically scrap; a cb400f, a fizzy amongst other; all of which i ride as often as possible. I'm over 50 so the idea of having these as investments is gone. I'm more interested in enjoying myself than making money. I have been told to research this but not sure what else I can do. I don't ride the bike cos I think it should be sat in a museum or on display somewhere.

I'm nervous because I would like to buy a good reconditioned one ( having all these bikes plus a nearly finished elan +2 means I don't have time to restore i one in the near future) . I know what these are worth but can't find anything to compare this too. The missus would kil me if I sold this then had to pay out more to get another one.

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Hope the Forum update

fixes this problem.

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug


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