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Super Sausage Sunday

Sun is shining 😎

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Yamaha YBR 125 not charging battery

What were the 3 readings from the generator / alternator?

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WD40 Chain Spray

I brought some wd40 chain spray the other day, I'd run out of my normal Silkolene one.
I don't recommend this product at all ,No stars

straw is too short can't regulate flow from can flings everywhere,even if left days before use drips off bike and leaves sticky puddles underneath do about 30 miles and chain sounds dry but isn't might as well use old engine oil less mess
I'll use it up on my bicycle chain, might be ok for that!

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Beware Rukka Warranty

@celestrium Good to hear it's being sorted out. Thanks for letting us know.

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Who is your favorite rider for Brno MotoGP?

My 27p is on Dovi......

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Boring WSB

A good idea to spice up world superbore bikes is to put a sex doll on the back, or even better put the girl on the front. I followed the series from 1989 but it's a total bore now it's time may come around again but with GP racing as good as it is I doubt you will see superbore bikes as popular as it was in the 90's.

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Accommodation for BSB Cadwell Park

Anyone going to Cadwell and needs accommodation?
I need to cancel my trip and can't cancel B&B booking but I can change Name and payment on booking if anyone is interested.
This is the place:
Meals Farm Holiday Cottages
Marsh Ln, Louth LN11 7NT, UK

Bed and breakfast included for £55
text me on 07775628117 if interested


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T Charge

I know a year or so ago when the talked of the ULEZ.... ultra low emissions zone for central London 2007 manufacturerd bikes was the cut off for the exemption.... knowing a government they won't skimp on getting extra money!

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Luggage on Kawasaki Vulcan S (650)

Sorted the luggage options on Kawasaki Vulcan S (650)

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Mid Life Crisis Time

The Triumph Rocket 111 would be my personal choice.
I had one as a courtesy bike and it was epic.
Although it did touch down quite soon with some spirited riding as I forgot I wasn't on the , Speedtriple but if ypu want a cruiser with a massive amount of attitude and grunt this will tick the box.
At 56 I'm not quite ready for a cruiser yet, but when the time comes that'll be the one.


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New bike

Thanks a bunch for sharing this post. I’m glad to find your post. Keep sharing!! Have a super fabulous day!!!

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points problems

Click on 'View Player Stats' on team page, will show points for current team.

Click on 'Points Per Race' (left top of list), will show points per each race.

'Click on 'green down arrow' on each race, will show rider points per race.

Good Luck, lol

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Riding Gear

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