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new disc


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Do solar trickle chargers work??

@mrjazzemmanuel said:

stored outside.

Makes no difference unless it`s 40c below as in Alaska!

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The place to chat about your new lid, or to find out which gloves you should go for next time
Need a new textile jacket

Find wide variety of jackets fit to all styles of biker racing, touring and urban. You can choose what suit to best your need. Top quality, reasonable pricing with good customer services.

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marie celeste

On the versys 1000 site. Worldwide site, very little of the nonsense that had become so prevalent here.

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Boring WSB

Yep, irreplaceable really

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Could BSB be anymore corrupt?

@Beelady said:

and we eat at his Mum's café when we get the chance.

Will they start serving Red Bull? :grinning:

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Know where there's a 'safety camera team' in action. Share the joy here
Insurance in London

Sorry, that's third party fire and theft. Robbing bastards. I guess between the thieving scum stealing scooters to the hectic traffic it's deemed a high risk. Still sucks

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Just started to build an ARK and hopefully sail the seas, any advice on where to go?
Keep it clean and water tight.:umbrella:

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Guilty until proven innocent!

jaffa90 sorry for the confusion I falsely thought you may have seen the numerous references to what bike is best.

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I've got a dump for ya.....


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Cat & Fiddle pub ride out.

GJK, Okay I've sent a friends request on fb.

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