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In the rain

Plus it ain't white :grin:


"marketing geniuses"...proof of the pudding is in the selling?.

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I wouldn't have thought so,... a fog light (good idea) will only have a 21watt bulb so that's an extra load of less than 2 amps, which will only be used rarely, and the LED lights will use very little current. Make sure your original connections are good though, as the reg/rec is a common area for faults anyway.

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Kickstart my new chain product

@Chaintenance said:

does not require eletrical wiring, vacuum, gravity, witchcraft

Or spell checking.

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New arrival fashion clohing 25%OFF Free shipping hip hop

Velour t-shirts? Velour? Like a seventies lounge suit? Do you do crimplene?....Cause I'm running low on underpants.

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2016 Day of Champions, Silverstone

@alol said:

I realise it's for Charity, Although i understand the UK arm of RfH have ceased operations(?)

How much of that 50 quid do you recon get's to the actual front line....almost nowt. All goes in the pockets of admin as "expenses",............nothing more than thief's.

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Free Ice Creams

They did not say if there would be free ice creams at tomorrow's races or not.

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TT accommadation.

Hi i am looking for tt accommadation from may 30th to june 5th for 4 males. Any help would be much appriciated.

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How and where to buy Income Protection - Personal Accident Insurance

Hi everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. I've been to a few events recently & it surprised me how many riders either weren't covered or didn't think they could get cover. I'm a Business Consultant for an Insurance Protection Specialist, so just wanted to pass on some advice to anyone wishing to get themselves protected, how to do so and what to look out for.

First of all, what is the difference between Income Protection & Personal Accident cover? A lot of times they go hand in hand, but can also be taken separately. Personal Accident cover will insure YOU in the event of an accident which results in broken bones fractures, etc. will pay out a lump sum based on the severity of the injury & will also take into account how long your hospital stay is. Generally the first 24 hours are excluded.

Income Protection is the one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider and is the very one most of us don't have. It pays out a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness, usually up until retirement and is often up to 65% of your monthly salary.
Who should consider this
It's wise for anyone who is Self Employed, Employed but doesn't get much in the way of Sick Pay or the main breadwinner who feels that they'd really struggle with their outgoings if they were unable to work.
You may not need it if
You have savings you'd be willing to use to tide you over. Your partner could take care of all the outgoings. You could get by on your Sick Pay.

The first question I always get asked is "How much does it cost?" It's hard to put a cost on it as everyone's circumstances are different, and shouldn't be a one size fits all. Some factors involved in the cost with the Providers are:
Age. The younger you are the cheaper your premiums will be.
Health. Some pre existing medical conditions can either have an additional cost added on to the premium, or be excluded by the Provider.
Smoker. If you're a non smoker, this can bring the premium down.
Benefit. How much you are looking to receive each month in the event of an accident. Providers will usually cover up to 65% of your net monthly take home, this along with the government benefit (which is usually under £400 a month) should take you not far under your monthly wage. Not many providers will cover higher than this, as it would end up working out that you were better off on the sick than you were working.
Deferred Period. The amount of time you'd like to wait until the policy pays out. E.g, you're self-employed and think you can take care of yourself for a month before making a claim, then your premium would be lower than a Day 1 pay out, or if you're employed & get 3 months full pay & 3 months half pay, the benefit can kick in half benefit after month 3, then full benefit after month 6, this would also be cheaper than day 1 pay out.

Some Providers will cover extreme sports & track days with no penalty & others wont even consider it. Comparison sites are convenient, but they don't always offer you a policy which is right for your own circumstances. When you're choosing a broker or someone to give you advice on any policy, whether that's for Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Life cover, Accident cover, try & make sure you deal with an Independent Advisor & not just a Salesperson. You want someone who will ask you questions on your own circumstances to find the best cover for you & not try to push just any cover on you. Find out whether they are regulated by the FCA - which is an independent watchdog for Financial Services. (If they're not...steer clear.) Find out beforehand whether they charge a fee or not for any advice/recommendations/quotes, whether they deal with the whole of market or are tied to only one Provider and finally, do your own homework also..

If anyone is looking for any protection, I hope this has helped somewhat. Any questions just let me know.


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Travel with special t shirt

I keep flagging this bastard..... come on MCN, get your arse in gear ffs.

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Mod one fail!! HELP!!

Well done, Sara. I passed my Mod 1 this week and have my Mod 2 this coming Friday. Any tips?

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Yamaha FJ1200 for £1000 - worth it for first 'big bike'?

@Beelady Yep got it yesterday and spent the afternoon practicing figure of 8's in the car park. Done training for my mod1 today on a honda nc700. Nice weather for it except when stationary taking instructions off the instructor, bit hot in my armoured kit.

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Yamaha FZ 6 cutting out

@promomast I've replied to your PM, but this site is fickle, so you may not have got it. Hopeless on here sometimes.

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Look at 'Upcoming Races' in Search section?

I see the transfer lockdown countdown has now been reset to let us make transfers today.

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The Great Brain Ride 2016 with Nick Sanders - July 30th from Liverpool to Chester via North Wales

**Global motorbike adventurer Nick Sanders will lead hundreds of riders out on the Great Brain Ride 2016. **

"One of the main reasons we chose to help The Brain Charity is because they support bikers throughout the UK who have suffered brain or spinal injuries.” - Nick Sanders

This year's Great Brain Ride will take place on Saturday 30th July - from Liverpool to Chester Lakes. Bikers are invited to The Brain Charity on Norton Street in Liverpool from 9am onwards to grab a Bikers' Breakfast from The Brain Charity HQ's café. Nick will be on hand to chat, have photos taken, sign books and tell you of his many adventures. The ride will depart Liverpool at 10.30am and will go through the North Wales countryside. When we reach Chester Lakes there will be live music late into the night from a number of great bands, good food and fantastic camping facilities.

Tickets cost just £5 pp which includes tea, coffee and a bacon or sausage butty at the start (veggie options also available). Camping costs £10 per night or £15 for two nights.

[ ](link url)

All profits go directly to The Brain Charity.

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