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The perils of freshwater fishing......

@dotty said:

@preunit said:

Poor fish :cry:

How can you tell if it's poor................?

Credit background check. :fish: :bank:

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Brake calliper binding

Today I changed the front discs, pads and adjusted the reservoir . Afterwards however I noticed alot of resistance on the front wheel.

It wont rotate freely for more than 90deg with the brakes attached (brakes off it rotates freely)

So I spent the past 2 hours cleaning the pistons with brake cleaner and a toothbrush & it's fixed nothing.

There is still some stubborn dirt on there, I failed to remove however.

Can someone recommend anything for the stubborn dirt? Is there something else that could be going wrong?

Thanks it advance,

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Sat nav by Iphone

This is the best motorcycle smart phone application I have found. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Helmet help - is it damaged?

The Neotech is a relatively new helmet. i got one when they first came out about 4 years ago.
By the way mine is fine, no damage or mark's.

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Lorenzo and Rossi now have respect

Yeah finally the Dogturd has kind of admitted he was wrong to try and stab his team mate in the back and get him sacked. Issuing a Factory with a Ultimatum and when his bluff was called crying off to Ducati where he should have been left to rot.

Nice of him, Eh?

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Ha !

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Rear brake lock up

@mitchdep said:

Experience is the best teacher and in riding, there is no better way to learn. Teachers, instructors, yikes! Been riding since I was a wee bit and with all the braking advice I've seen here, it's a wonder you all still alive. Braking is a feel thing. You need to slow down or stop while going straight or about to turn, never use just the front! Crazy! You all end up face first on pavement! You first use the rear brakes, feel if you are getting enough stopping power or if you are showing down enough to make the stop or the turn. If not add some front until you get slow enough to stop or turn depending on what you need. In case you feel you may fish tail release the rear brakes straighten out and apply brakes again with the proper pressure. Riding for so long, I don't even have to think about stuff like braking and other stuff. It all comes naturally. Feel what you need to do. But never just use the front brakes, use both, but use the rear first. Always! Jeez, you all are making funny statements here. Funny but dangerous. Come on!

It was 6 years ago..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CBT woes

@bmwgs said:

Do you know any one with a 125 gear bike you could learn on in a carpark or on privet land.

Don't toss the letter Q onto privet land if rabbits and foxes are there.

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Moto GP Ticket

I have 1 general entry ticket for sale for tomorrows Grand Prix at Silverstone. So called mate has dropped out and i would like to re coup some of my cash!!!! If you are going tomorrow it will cost £100 on the gate, i would take £60 for this ticket. I am meeting friends at Jack Hills cafe on the A5 at 9:30am and can meet there, or at the circuit if you want it call me on 07534 354443

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug


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