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Theresa May

@Norriski said:

@weasel64 said:

@Norriski said:

@weasel64 said:

Jeremy Corbyn , would you trust him to run the country ??? , id sooner trust Gary fukkin Glitter with my kids

There's a lot of disabled people scared of a one party Tory state.

I know what your saying Norris but given the alternatives .. corbyn or fallon .. I guess were fucked ... cos I voted OUT of the EU & the other two would keep us in 100% , paul nuttal isn't a fit leader so I cant vote ukip so it looks like i'll be voting tory ( begrudgingly )

The Germans in the 1930's had the same mind set

Not all Germans though........... the vast majority were just trying to get on with their lives ....... pretty much like all the rest of us.................... I'd much prefer all our so called "Leaders" to get together in a small room and kick the shit out of each other.... till they all fucking die................... that way 50 million of our ancestors wouldn't have had to die...............

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Bike alarm

Ive had them all and a pain in the neck. Who wants to know when they hear one? A sound proof van and its away. Chain the bike to the floor, i`ve an Almax 19mm dia chain and a Squire close shackle padlock.

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Replacement Headlight for Suzuki GSF600 (Year 2000)

Thanks for the help guys. Will check the phillips bulbs and do a simple swap. If the headlight itself has a bad reflector then I think the MT-03 headlight fit will be a project I will have to do.

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Siima MotoWear has discounts on their products

Unfortunately, 'Fattajackets' would be of more interest

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Rossi back to his devious best then...

I saw it but I'd need to see it a couple more times. It looked O.K to me but a closer look might show something different.
Made no difference though. Vinales still got the time he needed :smile: I like Rossi but Vinales is going to be a future favourite if he carries on the way he's started. Comes across as a nice guy who isn't going to blame failure on others, whatever his private thoughts might be. Can't stand dummy spitters.

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT ferry tickets for sale

How much are you looking for Mick?

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Short term insurance for delivery to France.

Any proper broker will be able to assist. (Although online comparison sites and the like will not)

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Dirt Bike Holidays In Spain

Hi guys im new on here and don't want to upset anyone so if this add is not appropriate please let me know and i will delete it, i have been trying to put an advert in MCN but cant find anywhere in the mag to contact to get it in there and i was just swamped with spam on the MCN website, then came across this forum so if anyone can send me the link or contact details to advertise in MCN mag, i would be greatful,. Any way i run an off road holiday company in Andalucia Spain we do motocross or Trail Riding holidays (you would need a full licence for the trail Riding holiday, the riding out here is fantastic with all types of terrain water crossings mountain paths etc all with breath taking views, if you are interested you can get more info and prices at,]. prices for
**2 days and 3 nights
including bike hire
full kit hire
accommodation 3 nights
and a guide for 2 days
£399. per person **
for more info

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New old rider

@BatoutofBillinge said:

Right here goes. I'm a new old rider, having finally passed my bike test aged 51 about a month ago (after 2 attempts at both modules :(). I know it might be a cliche....but I always liked bikes but for many reasons never got round to sorting this out. So in September 2016 I took my CBT and embarked on a series of lessons with Honda Wigan riding school.

I am currently fumbling my way round a Honda CB650F. I have much to learn still and hope this place will help my find assistance and maybe some fellow/similar riders around the St Helens/Wigan area. I've had a lurk around the forum for a while and decided to punt in a first post and see what happens. Hello...

Take it steady, think every other road user out to kill you, don't believe that driver of a vehicle at a junction has seen you or even if they have will give way to you. Watch out for diesel on roundabouts especially early morning when they've filled up, look for gravel after heavy rain. Jesus, could go on. Basically all mistakes I've had over 42 years of riding

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*ICQ: 640974295 * Cvv Eu-Au-Usa-UK-Ca fresh good balance

Do not ask me why the high price here, because it goes hand in hand with the quality, You can buy cheap from other hackers, of course the quality of it will never be good, sometimes it a scammer. That's what you need to know to do business, but the choice is your own, I will never force a client in this business.

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Cleaning of Matt Black paint on Yamaha XV950

@Norriski you're probably right.... I'm just a brand Whore it would seem lol...

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BSB Donington points?

Dozy twats have added the Donington BSB R2 results but not Q or R1.

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I was in Stratford the other day. I hadn't noticed the 24 hour Mc donald's on the corner of Western rd before, bit unfortunate for your mates business !

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