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Microsoft Technical Department Scam................

Have you heard about Lenny?

I don't know exactly how it works, but I think there's a big collection of recorded lines that get repeated by an automated answering system, to keep telemarketers on the line for waaaaaaaaay too long.

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mechanic cant fix my bike, liberty 125 cuts out down the road

I agree with Ian. Take it back, and meanwhile get in touch with Citizen's Advice and get your rights clear so you can state your case with authority.

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Needed: decently-priced, actually waterproof gloves.

@ajay1993 said:

I purchased my gloves from high note performance and I found the gloves very much worthy.

for preparing meals made with Spam.

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Boot style

@Goughy said:

full height. I want as much protection around my ankle as I can get


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Austrian MotoGP

Glad we were of help to you :smile:

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MCN FANTASY LEAGUE 2017. Join 'Select Few 17' pin 2902

Back for a 6th year all welcome pin 2902

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NORTH WEST 200 - cheap travel and accomodation - please read if you are thinking of attending

Now I shall start with who I am...
I am a 70+ year old Northern Irish lad born in 1946 in Belfast. I now live in a small village south of Gatwick, near the area of Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill. I have lived in Hassocks since 2005. It is lovely here but not as nice as my birth place.

Now my trip is to an event called The North West 200.
I will be beginning my journey from Hassocks at 8.30am on Saturday 6th of May, and will be back home by Sunday 14th of May before dark.

I have a couple of routes I use. Not being a fan of Motor Ways (to me they destroy motorcycle tyres, and service stations I find can be expensive).

Mostly you will find me on A272 West to Winchester at around 53 miles there is a motorcycle café called Loomies. This is in area of A272/A32. Just a short stop for 15/20minutes then will be back on route down to A34 North to A303, West to Andover.

Exit on A342 North passing Marlborough. Stay on A346 but just short of M4 we stop for fuel and food for about 40/50minutes. On route once more, cross the M4 and take A419, this leads onto A417, 2 roundabouts after passing under M5 we change roads to the A40, West to Ross on Wye. Another road change this time North on A49, a nice road if we needed to stop for a short comfort break we can for 15/20minutes.

Just short of Shrewsbury we take the A5 into Wales. We will come across a lot of services close together. We will then make a stop 8 to10 miles along this road. We will then have a comfort stop and top up with fuel, at this point we are 90 miles from Holyhead.

We are only going as far as a Travelodge junction of A5/A55 near Bangor. We will then park and take our prebooked rooms, have dinner and relax.

Sunday we will pack the bikes and depart no later than 7.10am. We will head down the A55.

Now we will make a small detour at Holyhead, this is simply to top up with fuel to save us having to carry euros or pay heavy prices in Southern Ireland. At the docks we check in. We will then sail at 8.55am, so expect to be called any time to be loaded.

We will Dock the Port of Dublin at 12.15pm (no need for passports). Then we will head to the M1. We will use the Toll tunnel (to simplify things only I pay for Tolls, this way only I handle money. Saves time and messing around at the Toll Booth).

Other side of the Toll there is a layby, wait for me there please. Up M1 to the next Toll (same system again). We make an exit at junction 14 and take a link road to N33 to N2. this takes us into Ulster. We are now onto the A5 for 4 miles then A4 towards Belfast. After 13 miles we stop for fuel at services area of Duncannon. Then back on route down to next junction and North on A29. We are now on this road for 60 miles. This will take us to our base for next 6 days.

Monday we will get up and check the bikes and head down to the paddock to show our passes. We will take a look around then have breakfast and plan the week ahead.

We have practice and racing at different times throughout the week. So we have time to go sightseeing i.e. Joeys Bar and the remembrance gardens to the 2 brothers Joey and Robert. It’s also good to ride the A2 coast road.

Saturday is mostly the same each year. Roads close at 9.30am. The parade should start 10am. Then the program should finish 6 to 7pm.

Sunday (there’s no way to dress this up) we have to line up at the Port of Dublin at 7.45am to depart 8.20am.

We dock at 11.50am at Holyhead and then make our way home.

Brake Down of costs (this is what I paid last year)

Travelodge per Room £42

Ferry Return per Bike and Rider (with a pillion it will cost more) £110

Tolls per Bike in Sterling £8

Paddock Pass, Program, Pin and Sticker £40

I have 2 Double Bedrooms £25 per room per night

I also have 2 single Beds £12.50 per bed per night (there are 3 singles, I shall be in the third)

There will be Tea/Coffee but no food. We will expect a crowd of 150,000 for the week.
I am expecting a bigger crowd because Guy Martin is making his return to Road Racing after having a bad crash 2015 at Dundrod. I did say I had more than one route .Another popular route I use is M23.M25.M40.M42.old M6 exit junction 10A and M56 to A5. This price for this Travelodge would be the same.

I ride a Suzuki GSXR1000 K5. Only riders who enjoy biking with a well serviced bike need apply.

I hope you like this holiday; it is based on first come first served.

I can take couples. Age isn’t important, just need to be a good rider. Also if you wish, on the Friday we have a Northern Irish Bike Safe. Worth money to you for your next policy.

Depending on where you live in the UK – we can discuss other meeting points and timings if needed.

Regards Trevor Moore
(Mobile 07592609093)

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Crash due to tramlines

@Ian.mac said:

@Snev And using the phrase bellend trying to pass themselves off as someone else.... Or get someone else in the frame???

It has been Noted.................... :grinning:

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Riding towards Spring - Motorcycle Trip to France, Spain and Andorra

@MC-Vagabonds - What up with the cone=head outfits?

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Northants -> Lisbon

@Beelady said:

I'm expecting him to bring me a nice souvenir from the USA.

Why not ask for the Holy Grail instead - would be easier to obtain?

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@Stephen5822 eventually you meet roughly in the middle

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Admin..... Is there anybody there?

@CantCorner said:

MCN hamster ponders whether to fix the forum tomorrow or the day after .


Hahaahahaaaa :laughing:

Or never maybe? Damn, there goes that positive thinking.... Sorry Bee.....

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MCN FANTASY 2017. Join 'Select Few 17' password 2902

MCN Fantasy 'Select Few 17' join today pin 2902

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New Dorset Event: Despatch Rally

Use a gpmg ....doesn't matter if you wobble a bit..

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