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the point of no return


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Resonating noise from Cam Chain - 2016 ZX-6R

Are you sure your using the fixadent correctly?

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New Zorst

@MarcusMarsh Yeh, that's a worry. Better buy a spare one!

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Has anyone bought the new (cheap)ish motorcycle leathers from ebay sellers?

@Beelady the bloke who got my jacket was over the moon with it ..... I had a couple of years out of it so it was just worn in really

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Link to an on-line service where I can watch motogp on demand?

@graemelee said:

Does anybody have a link to an on-line service where I can watch motogp on demand?

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT Ferry Tickets

Now Sold, Thanks.

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Switchable ABS

The manufacturers are not at any risk in this situation and so have no reason to factory lock them. The manufacturers will claim all responsibility is assumed by the owner.

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Mod 2 Failed a second time, feel like giving up

@Meatbingo I know. Believe me, I know in the grand scheme of things it's not big deal. I'd have to book it again and wait. It's just the waiting. I'm so in love with biking the thought of being held back because of something stupid I do gets under my skin.

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The fear of Mod 1

@Carrius-Maximus said:

@Meatbingo - Sure is :) end of april, which a while to wait sadly, but the test centres by me are chocka block. Guna have a refresher training nearer the time and on the day of test. :)

Well good luck. You should find the mod 2 easier as it's less artificial and more like a lesson. My wife almost gave up after failing the mod 1...twice. but she persevered and aced the mod 2.

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CVV credit,USA,EU,AU,CA,UK fresh 99%,Dumps USA TRACK 1,2

@SatNavSteve said:

WTF is all this about????? :confused:

imbrack love you long time.

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Kawasaki ZZR1100 D6 petrol in sump.

@Colonial-Piglet Hi thanks for the tip, I will replace the original screws with Alan Cap Screws, so I won't be bothered if I damage them getting them out. Cheers.

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What the fuck is going on MCN?

I get the funny feeling it's about to die again......or the twelve year old running it has either got exams or his first girlfriend.

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@Meatbingo said:

Do they have spam on the menu? My favourite is weak ass spam....egg & chips.

First bike ride of the year last weekend with my two regular biking mates, and first stop was a greasy spoon on the A59 just east of Skipton for 3 spam and egg baps and 3 brews. Sets you up nicely for the rest of the day.

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