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whatever happened to the likely lads?

The fundamental difference is that if we wanted to do any of the following we went out and did it for real:

Fighting. (boxing/martial arts) Shooting (Rifle range or a mate with a farm. Car racing (clubmans racing, grass track or rwyb) Bike racing (grasstrack, speedway, club racing, motorcross or a mate with a farm) Flying (flying school) Golf (local driving range and lessons)

But when electronics took over, the kids could be an expert and a hero in anything without leaving their bedroom.
Which is why so many of them are delusional misfits in society.
Sorry controversial I know.

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Suzuki GZ 125 X 1999 Problem

Why on earth did you fit an iridium spark plug???????? Put a new NGK standard plug in...... use the "posh" plug when you go fishing over rocky ground.

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Bike Batteries

@mayanktanwar said:

Yes we delivered battery free of cost with installation. But dear only in India's leading cities listed on Batterybhai.

So not to Kashmir?

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which dress is your favorite

@preunit said:

Mostly this.....


I hate it when the Zip comes apart like that............

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MotoGP 2016 first race 20th March at Losail International Circuit Qatar,

@HOSBUSA And that's why i went to BRNO last year, or was it 2014 i went.

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@Stealth said:

I'm the same with the Aussies.... Lesley thinks I'm weird..... She's probably right.....

They should ask Kyle Smith to say a few words in English - not sure what language he does speak.

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turbo bike insurance

Thanks for the replies guys. I have had insurance on a fireblade in germany inside of 2 years so all might not be lost - although I doubt many companies take overseas NCB.
As to the project - I'd be doing a mild setup making less power than a modern superbike - more as a tinkering/engineering project than anything. Of course I bet most insurers wouldn't view things that way.

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We're on about a trip to scotland based around fort william with a view to riding up to applecross and possibly fitting in a visit to a distillery as well. i would welcome any ideas on good biker friendly hotels or guest houses .

You don't say where you are coming from but a couple of ideas for the route up that we have done are.
Penrith - Alston (Hartside café) - Brampton - Longtown - Gretna.
If you fancy a longer journey at that point try - A75 past Dumfries to Crocketford, then up to New Galloway then Ayr, or even better New Galloway back to Newton Stewart the up to Girvan - Ayr.

Or there is

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Feel a Plonker!

@Beelady said:

I love doing extra training. Always a good day out and always time for a laugh.

SuMo class is the most fun - get to rip around the paved track and catch some air on the dirt jumps.

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I give up wont let me load a link to ebay, gonna cost ya 40 quid for new ones

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yamaha srx600 fuel tank

hi im building an srx 600 cafe racer if anyone has or knows of a fuel tank for this bike even dented ill have it leave details ill reply straight away thanks


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@Brian1962 said:

Hi Mr Farrell my address, thanks Brian
Brian Lowe
S45 9DP

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Poker Runs

I would never drink if I'm riding my bike (or driving my car either). Not even one drink.

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