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The independent, just because polls have been proven of late

Corbyn seems to really wind you up stoaty? Is it because the man has principles and stands by them? Do you have any opinions that aren't copied and pasted from Facebook?

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Z1000sx Cat

@fogie said:

Splattered a poor bird ,.... had another bird in my lap, ............... Woman Shocked Face 2.jpg th.jpg shock.jpg

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A new shop - need suggestions

generally when it comes to anything with motorcycles it is a small community, try and get people to spread the word, example stuff for free? make videos? Market it i suppose, what would make someone go to your store instead of the one next door or why not go online...

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Siima MotoWear has discounts on their products

Unfortunately, 'Fattajackets' would be of more interest

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Rossi back to his devious best then...

@smidget said:

Hope your just as quick to praise Valentino for making no fuss as to Zarco's move during the race, even shaking Zarco's hand after the race.

Officially that was a "racing incident" with neither party at fault.

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT ferry tickets for sale

How much are you looking for Mick?

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What legal stuff do you need to ride a second hand motorcycle right after purchase

I assume you are licensed to ride ?

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Eagle Riders Florida Tour.

Some pictures. I think Mr B is getting too much sun. he seems to have developed an aversion to going outside after he gets off the bike each day.
Here's the view of the beach, which I asked for, but I didn't mean take the picture from indoors!image3.jpg

Also, I was not expecting the wildlife to look like this.
image2 (2).JPG

Today they are heading back to Florida City before starting to work their way North towards Naples. Both bikes running well so far. Cruise control is proving useful with the 45mph speed limit most of the way.

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I just PASSED my Mod 2. Help me buy a bike hahaha

Yes, the 2007 is one of the lowest ever and can be lowered. Best of all is the pre 2013 Street Triples. Then you have all the Bonnevilles, Tiger low, Indian Scout and many cruisers, all just right for smaller people. I've not tried anything else so can't say what else there is.
Just remembered, the Diavel is a lot of fun to ride and the early ones have a very low seat height. Not sure about the later ones as I haven't tried one.

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Cleaning of Matt Black paint on Yamaha XV950

@Norriski you're probably right.... I'm just a brand Whore it would seem lol...

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BSB Donington points?

Dozy twats have added the Donington BSB R2 results but not Q or R1.

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@hosman said:

Apparently The Wharf Inn on the Southam to Banbury Road has become very popular with bikers. Near to Fenny Compton.

Used to go there years ago, what night is bike night ?
Bought my garage from Compton's, which was just down the road, think its shutdown now

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