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06 Gixxer thou , not sold but thrown at the scenery . One of the best sportsbikes I've ever owned for all round fun . Got to admit it was not ideal for two-up touring but for a Sunday blast nothing better . imo.
I've recently found my ZZR14 still for sale which I part ex'd in 2015 and was tempted to buy it back but that would of been for sentimental reasons only.

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Paddock stand pin day

@Beelady Ha that's one of many.... Flat Eric has seen better days........ Funny thing is proper dog toys seem to get destroyed much more quickly than kids soft toys. So now she gets kids toys which last much longer ...... You just can't give them the ones filled with plastic beads

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WD40 Chain Spray

Well my first go with the muc off ceramic chain lube ended up with lots of black oil all over the rear wheel and swing arm but I had used some chain cleaner which I think was to blame still sitting in the rollers ...... Will report back after next application IMG-20170804-WA0001.jpg

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Motorcycle clothing

@hodge45 I buy Spada gear if possible. It's British, it's good quality and it's not overpriced. Make sure you get the right size. I see so many people who obviously didn't try sitting down in their new kit before buying. I often have a quiet smile when I see people trying things on in shops. They stand up straight and hold their middle in. Comfort seems to be the last thing on their minds.

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Who is your favorite rider for Brno MotoGP?

My 27p is on Dovi......

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Boring WSB

my friend follows all motorbike racing, he tells me to watch something or other but unless there is a bit of a tussle i'm afraid it just doesn't grab me, i once saw mz racing at snetterton, that was fun, the sounded like a crowd of angry bees.

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Classic TT Ferry Tickets for sale

Camper van and 2 passengers HEYSHAM to DOUGLAS Fri 25-Aug-17 14:15pm DOUGLAS to HEYSHAM Tue 29-Aug-17 08:45am £250.00

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T Charge

I know a year or so ago when the talked of the ULEZ.... ultra low emissions zone for central London 2007 manufacturerd bikes was the cut off for the exemption.... knowing a government they won't skimp on getting extra money!

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Travel Insurance

HolidaySafe provide motorcycle specific insurance, which proved a much better deal than I found anywhere else.

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Post-CBT - What shall I do?

Post-CBT - What shall I do?

Sell the Harley and take up motorcycling instead :laughing:

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4K Action Camera Wifi WiMiUS L3 2.45'' LCD Touch Screen $42 off

There is a lot to like about the WiMius L3 16MP 4K Action Cam as it's undoubtedly a worthy competitor to the GoPro at a sharp fraction of the price. It's simply amazing what they were able to do in such a tight package. It does 4k video , 60fps 1080p video, has a webcam mode which would be used on youtube if necessary, comes with a variety of different accessories like the go pro which includes the signature case and many many other cool things as well. I use a program called Bandicam I was surprised to see this camera be used like a webcam it's truly a beautiful sight. Of course, it can be used as an action cam as well if needed. Another cool feature is the touch screen 2.4 inch display. When I saw the Lack of buttons on the product I was concerned at first by then by accident I tapped the screen and to my surprise the screen listened to my command. Of all the action camera's I have had this is by far the best Ui I have ever seen. It's simple and too the point and I love it

It's not perfect by any means however and I will mention why now. First the fps on 4k mode and frame stability does look like it could need some optimizations it's not the best but by no means. However that does not mean it's a deal breaker. Also, the microphone could use a boost in quality, however, I used this thing as a webcam and just used my own microphone so this was not an issue anyway. Back to some more cool stuff the waterproof elementorse to work well when the case Is so that you let stream to i sink to in my sink and it it is to work fine. This product also has wifi feature that works with android and ios thanks to an app called WiMius Cam Pro. This app allows you to stream what your recording to your phone for Easy sharing and viewing. Also, do not let me us with a spear battery which is amazing. I was able to record all the footage I needed in a day without any issue with power and that's huge !! I gotta be Honest I'm speechless here it truly does it all and I can not believe it.
The original price: $119.99
The promotion price: $77.99
The code: PM93NOQA
$42% off

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points problems

Click on 'View Player Stats' on team page, will show points for current team.

Click on 'Points Per Race' (left top of list), will show points per each race.

'Click on 'green down arrow' on each race, will show rider points per race.

Good Luck, lol

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Cat & Fiddle pub ride out.

@Beelady said:

@CagivaELEfan I didn't know you had one of those. Take a picture while you have it out and post it here so we can see it.
Reminds me that I need to book an MOT for the Striple next month, and the Daytona as well, if it's still here.

Yeah I'd like to see a pic of that as I like cbr's

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