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@albert88 ha..... on the one hand it was nice and relaxed........... on the other it was .... a fuck of a lot to pay for 11 seconds..............................................

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back end problem

Try and be smooth with your riding, do not open the throttle in jerky motions, the sudden introduction of power could cause a slide and the same goes for harsh braking when cornering. Fast riding is all about being smooth & progressive. If the arse end of the bike is slipping, then take the hint whatever you are doing is a little 'too much' ie too much lean, too much braking or too much power.However having said that clearly you must be controlling it otherwise by now you would have mentioned you had fallen off the bike.

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New French Laws

The French being French will just ignore any law they don't like and if the authorities start clamping down , they'll take to the streets and bring the country to a standstill as they've done before.
Unlike most countries , when French bikers protest , they do it properly .............

The FFMC (our equivalent to MAG) are are quite a powerful group who have been known to bring every major city in France to a standstill at the same time. Got caught up in one in Marseille once - very impressive.
The chances of being pulled in France by the police are slim if you're on British plates unless you're doing something really stupid. They can't be arsed with the paperwork.

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Is there a make of Ladies motorcycle jacket that tailors for ladies with breast implants?

It's a pleasure if we can help your lady find something suitable. But I think I should not have the right size

2015 clubwear | sexy lingerie

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Casey Stoner original artwork by Anthony Dobson

I thought it was a photo.. Absolutely stunning.. Wish i had a spear 10,000.... :disappointed:

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I think I can

Anyone else notice that VD Mark and Smith look a lot alike (beyond the Pata leathers)? Mark's Dutch (and of course English) are more comprehensible than whatever Smith is speaking.

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Rust on new bike

It`s the dealer you deal with, I had a similar problem on my xjr1300 about the forks, they were replaced under warranty. Paint on/around welding joints will always peel off if the road salt is not washed off and waxed or touched up first as per OWNERS MANUAL. Your dealer should have told about ;

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Trip to france


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Motorcycle Training.

£45 an hour seems pricey. Place near me charges £125 for an 8 hour day of instruction.

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Best Bike for touring and weekends

I would, but I'd expect to pay less then I'd give for one with a good history, plus I get my bikes fixed for nothing, which makes a big difference.

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Ride away insurance T&C link broken

The link to terms and conditions for your ride-away insurance on every bike sale page goes to an old, broken page:

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Duck's Ford

Why would a bird that can both swim and fly need a ford:question:

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