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That's extra nice, clean air is very desirable.
Our house is underneath a main civil aviation route, and at the intersection of a main military aviation route, so we really cop out on air quality. Although our street isn't a main road most of our neighbours have shitty diesel engine cars and seem to sit with he engine running all too often.

So we do go out to nature reserves as often as possible, but not during the winter. We are big nature lovers, wildlife especially. But I love the fresh air ! ! ! Seems to go with biking, most bikers love fresh air and the outdoors.

I am a bit of a skywatcher and seen some intesting things here in recent years. Either off the planet covert military stuff or stuff that isnt ours. But we do see a lot of stuff, it's quite fascinating. .

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Honda Crossrunner Ingition promlem

Don't think it's been tampered with as the problem developed whilst the bike was in view. Suspect a soleniod. Have disconnected the battery until the dealer can look at it next week.

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motorbike cleaning products

For cleaning naked alloy use Mothers, no abrasives and takes seconds.

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Ear protection

@smidget I think you are right. I'll give it a try, thanks.

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Are we there yet?

@shaunthesheep52 said:

Fantastico .... ( though warm - ups start 1.30pm our time ) ... OH tiz great too have BT ... havin a shit as I type .. ( phone thingy ) so all I gorra do is reach for me beer ( while watching telly) .. no need holding a pig onion in while racings on ...

Moto3 warm-up starts in about 1:20 from now -

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World SuperSport Report

Once again no report on the Supersport race in this weeks paper. Considering it was an historical occasion with the local brothers coming first and fifth.
Now if the winning bikes had been Triumph's, I'm sure it would have been headline news

Please MCN there are other races just as interesting as the GP, WSB and BSB, lets have coverage of the WSS as well

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Speeding ticket time frames

Many thanks.

I guess I have a while to wait then.

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Straightliners round 1 and RWYB 29th March Santa Pod.

It's 10am and been raining hard all morning.
More storms forecast throughout the day.
So I don't think there will be much racing today.

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500 miles... need to rethink my insurance

Take breaks if your on a long run.
You may feel physically ok, but the concentration is tiring.
Park up and have a cuppa and a bun at whatever services or cafes. Can sit and look at your bike, other bikes show up and have a chat. I've made a few friends that way.

The mental stamina comes with the amount of time you ride over a few years.

Riding a 200mph superbike is just as much hard work as a novice on a

But I never liked doing the easy things.

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6'4" looking for a new bike

6'4" and 12.5 stone at 20 yrs old ... FUCK ME AUNT KATHS CAT ....I were " exactly " the same height and weight as you at 20 yrs old ... gonna tell ya summat now ... ( kind of a crystal ball thing ) .. in another 5 yrs time you will have " ballooned " too around 16st ... due too the intake of copius amounts of lager and shit loadsa fuckin Chinese / indian / mac'donalds ect ect ... and a chronic lack of excersize .... by 30 the shit REALLY will have hit the fan ... your continuous " binge " eatining and drinking will see you hit the " MAGIC " 20st mark .... could be said ( at this point ) your one HUNKY FUCKER of a bloke .. continuing too 40yrs old + ... you' ll then have surpassed the 20st mark ... and there for be classified as one BIG FAT GREY HAIRED BASTARD .... so ........ "For I were once YOU , and YOU will become me .... love youuuuuuuuu xxxx ... RSV MILLIE for " tall cunts " ..

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@BaldE35 said:

:bowtie: Emojis:purple_heart: Anyway can we have a few more please?

'Letch'- Needs to look something like Benny Hill (if you are too young ask someone):man: Motorcycle - And not a Harley...

What about a low-siding H-D?

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Thank you

Anyone riding up from the London area:cow:

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