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The place to chat about your new lid, or to find out which gloves you should go for next time
2 piece leathers

I keep my leathers / lid indoors to dry off moisture and sweat to prevent mould growth.
I use neetsfoot oil to feed the leather but saddle soap sounds better, also there are plenty of cleaner / feeder / preservative on the market as in leather settee care.
Also as said undo all zips and keep them aired.

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Discuss the latest developments in MotoGP and its support classes here.
Sad News

@GJK very sad when I saw it

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The place to talk about anything related to domestic racing champtionships
Could BSB be anymore corrupt?

@Beelady said:

and we eat at his Mum's café when we get the chance.

Will they start serving Red Bull? :grinning:

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Share advice and tips, routes and places to go and stay Shop dumps - dumps with pin - sell dumps track 1&2 online.

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Loads of great tips for new riders and the chance to get together with other like minded bikers
First Bike

Nice talking to yah GJK.

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Get advice about what bikes to buy and how to get the best deal
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Get together, plan your ride outs, make the most of your biking lives!
General Forum

Don't need a dump now :poop:

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