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@bobsnicholson said:

Waiting for someone to suggest a meet up north ish to give me the incentive to get on the bike again.
I have only 3 weekends left B4 i toddle off.
so, any chance???/

Er no

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vague front end feeling, fork oil change?

@Roasted-Piglet ..................i-am-iron-man.gif

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hard luggage sets

@domster said:

Can't go wrong with Givi, way over-priced but extremely durable. A box for life!

The mounts are more over-priced than the boxes - the mount cost as much as the Honda branded Givi box for my Dullsville.

I am thinking of getting a Givi box for the Xmoto - the Givi box is $90, but the SW-MOTECH mounting hardware is $220.

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TCX X-Cube Evo...

@manbitesdog said:

Here we bleedin' you're just hamming it up....see what I did there? D'y'know what? When I joined this forum, I thought, I know, I'll join a motorcycle forum, chat to some sensible chaps about motorcycles, share some knowledge and experience...have a jolly chinwag... fuuuucking wrong can yer be..? :smile:

It's just banter. :smiling_imp:

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Modern Pepsi Suzuki please? come on Pepsi it's the perfect match!

Now that looks very good indeed

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Personal Injury Claims - rossva1

Spammer digging up old threads.


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Mod 2 test

Went back out today for a couple of hours with instructor. Feel better now. Test again next Friday....

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Opinions on Chinese Bikes

Samjjh take NO NOTICE ...of these bleeders ,,, chineeze bikes " rock shit " ..... £200 for a good un ..... fuck what everone else sez on here ...most of em couldn't tell a " TIT from a TURNIP " ....Fuck em ....Fuck em all ..... fuckers ....... and "fuck" Ester Rantzen anawl ...... fuckin buck toothed bint .....

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78 RD400f, 11 miles; how much is it worth

@beattie35 That is beautiful! If it was mine I'd keep it and use it.

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Hope the Forum update

fixes this problem.

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Weymouth beach race

What about 5 sets of diapers and one set of pants? :poop:

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