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YOU CAN --- Ram your guzzi's ---

@babyrocket not so much saw the light but HEARD it ! salesman trying to pass off all the noise as the dry clutch --- "no matey I know where the clutch is and it's not in the LH cylinder head" it's also not making that clunking sound as the clutch engages --- 14,000 miles ? sounded more like it had done 140'000 miles ! honestly --- (a contradiction of terms with salesmen) how these feckers actually SELL anything is beyond me. That said they have some quality bikes there, much younger bikes though, also what I've noticed with this bunch is they make no allowance on price for high mieage or KM in this instance. They have 4 older BMW's there, 3 R850R's and one R1200R they all are in good physical shape, but the lowest KM on any of them is 50,000 KM all are priced over €7000 age range from 05 to 07 --- the one I missed out on was an 07 with about 5000 miles on it at €7200 --- the R1200R they currently have is an 07 priced at €7800 with 77,000 KM on it --- work that one out ??? They should be in the bargain basement dept ! --- they have still got the Triumph striple I like but had doubts about with less than 4000 KM on it --- Mrs vetoed that though lol ! I think the Suzuki dealer is worth a visit soon !

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how much

Steve I have a very good supplier and very good prices bescol based in Consett co Durham .. They supply all the local ind estates and are few and far between.... Generally I like tractor dealers as they seem to have the larger more unusual stuff but generally have good quality bolts etc but yes I get you I paid three quid for 13 bolts when considering one m5 x 15 mm machine screw from Yamaha is £1.86 and I needed six for the tank alone ..... Normally I liberate a few from work in my pocket but no good on this occasion

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Cheap bike gear, can anyone recommend a decent site?

Always had good experiences with SportsBikeShop in the past. Certainly worth a look.

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Hi Viz Jacket

If he's still looking maybe BaldE35 could assist?????????????

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In 11 hours,

" bob on " ...

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Donington race Sunday schedule on the 24th?

cant....true ! Officially, support races start at 10:15, first WSBK race due to start at 12:00

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"Where are they now ?"

I remember Chris guy and graham wood. great riders who could run with the best of them. my late brother in law Bob smith used to race with them in the late seventies Early eighties. often wonder what happened To them.

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legal advice

Had a no fault accident in nov 2014, third party pulled across road in front of me, cat b write off bike, also lost job due to accident, my solicitor is trying to get info from the recruitment agency,( agency worker, on a temp contract that would have gone permanent 5 weeks later) however agency are trying to say I had allready quit my job before accident,( left a Saturday overtime shift early, with managers permission, as I had a set of keys, that were needed at home urgently) the following Sunday I had a dog attack my hand, tetanus shot as hand had swollen, unable to work for 2-3 days, returned to work, the following Saturday I was involved in the crash, thus couldn't work the Monday, got dismissed on the wed. Is there anything I can do to guarantee a fair payout for loss of earnings, I know I would have still gotten a contract if it
wasn't for the accident.

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Riding school/instructor recommendations

Hi everyone; I was just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations of a good riding school or instructor around or near the merseyside area? Would really help me thank you

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Brake Pads

I've heard Gold Fren are just fab...... :expressionless:

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For all your motorbike Clothing and Accessories just visit our ebay shop Leatherdirect in Yorkshire.

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22 May 2015

I'm coming from West Wales best part of 250 miles one way but making a weekend of it . Travelling down on Thursday

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