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A few bits

£11.100 , that's a bit steep . I am unfortunately expecting a letter in post , think I went passed a camera van tuther day , I was within the percentage over allowance given , if that is true , but I will be most peeved off if I got caught as the previous ten miles I had driven spot on the suggested limit as the handling felt terrible in the wind . this van was about a mile from home , got a week and a bit to wait it out . haven't told him yet .

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CBR900RRT CDI Resin Leak

I live and ride a '96 'Blade in Hong Kong. About 8 months ago I noticed the CDI was leaking resin on the rear hugger and left side of the swingarm. I replaced the old CDI one with a brand new one, cleaned off the resin and that was that. Since fitting the new one I have done a couple of hundred miles only, ahead of a scheduled hip replacement operation in October, and I have not ridden the bike since September. Just before Christmas I noticed more resin on the swingarm. My question is what could be causing the resin to melt and flow (it is viscous and flows very slowly) while the bike is parked up? I have seen reference to the regulator in old chats on FireBlade forums, but surely that's only when the engine is running. Grateful for any advice you can offer. Thanks.

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Need phone holder

Does anybody know any phone holders I can use for my Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 so I can charge/record while riding? I just want to use this in the meantime before I get a GoPro. I ride a 2011 er-6f.

I've seen a lot of different phone holders but not sure if they fit my phone, or if I can just buy any holder and adjust it to fit.


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Frank Thomas boots

You've put them in Bobs' top box?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Austrian MotoGP

Glad we were of help to you :smile:

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Ducati bit like the nineties/noughties all over again?

@alol I tend to agree. Nothing against Shakey but I was routing for any of the other riders to win the series. Saw the Donington Park round and enjoyed it but the main events were a bit of a let down because of over dominance by the Ducati team.

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CAMPSITE IOM TT 2017bolded text

Thinking of camping at IOM TT 2017.....look no further than Union Mills campsite.

Up to 250 pitches available at £10 per person per night. Full access to the clubhouse and facilities including a licensed bar and breakfast and evening food available Big screen TV with TT highlights on every night Walking distance to the famous 'Railway Inn' located on the TT course Plenty of parking for bikes and vans - Bikes and vans can also be parked next to tents

If interested, please click on the link below to access the website where you can book. Any questions please contact us!

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Declaring Sorn? Finance?

As Goughy states, mine is sorn because i didn`t want to tax it.

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Just to show.

@SatNavSteve said:

You're not kidding anyone, you've paid to have those people shipped in to improve your photos!

Expensive to have European people shipped in, Filipinos and such, not so much.

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Looking for other bikers near Chester

@SatNavSteve said:

@veganbikerdrury But you won't really fit in if you don't eat bacon butties!! And ice cream.

Or snotty snev cooking road kill.

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New 2nd Bike advice

@phil-read said:

@Colonial-Piglet said:

@coopsjb said:

thanks in advance for suggestions

Yamaha MT-09

I recognise the guy with the MT09 can't think where, was he on East Ender's or was it crime watch

:smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

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Admin..... Is there anybody there?

@CantCorner said:

MCN hamster ponders whether to fix the forum tomorrow or the day after .


Hahaahahaaaa :laughing:

Or never maybe? Damn, there goes that positive thinking.... Sorry Bee.....

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Competition survey

I filled in the survey as well, highlighting all the mistakes.
I'm not too bothered if Chroma run it again so long as they get everything correct and dont make so many fuck ups. Understanding bike racing and the basic rules might help them. Lets hope the new reversed grid for WSB R2 doesn't confuse them in the same way as BSB R2 grid positions did.

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Hampshire rides

@Beelady thanks I'll keep my eye open!

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