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Infantile mirth

@calamityjane said:

A sense of humour is a must

Not where I live. We get by with plain humor, and other mangling of the English language.

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R1 2004 5vyno spark😩

I've been reading through some forums and haven't found my answers yet so ive signed up .
I've noticed every one tells the story of how there bike died so here's mine :(
My r1 2004 5vy battery started going flat all the time think my alarm was draining it but anyways I got my bike out one morning to go to work an the battery was flat was in a rush so I had to bump it off , drove fine all the way there all was normal then I got to work turned bike off went to my tool box to get some money got back on my bi to ke to go to the shop an the bat was still flat so I got the battery booster turned over but no start ,tryed to bump off agian wouldn't start.
So I started diagnosing checked all fuses signal fuse was blown so replaced that still no start
But my alarm wasn't working or beeping of the remote so put new bat in remote still nothing I then had some one come out an remove the alarm still nothing so I did some more tests your side stand tests kill switch all good checked the Holmes from the crank sensor the readings were fine the bike turns over feul pump primes even 12v to the coils just no spark ! I've also replaced the cam sensor don't know what else to do really please help

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Abletronics absolute protec plus problem with movement sensor

Holy moley........... :confounded:

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New arrival fashion clohing 25%OFF Free shipping hip hop

Velour t-shirts? Velour? Like a seventies lounge suit? Do you do crimplene?....Cause I'm running low on underpants.

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DAY OF CHAMPIONS Silverstone 2016

Hi, Has anybody got 2 x Day of Champions tickets with Paddock access that they would be willing to sell?

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Free Ice Creams

They did not say if there would be free ice creams at tomorrow's races or not.

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TT accommadation.

Hi i am looking for tt accommadation from may 30th to june 5th for 4 males. Any help would be much appriciated.

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NCD question

Always tell the truth. Insurance companies know your history, even if you don't tell them. It could take months before they contact you so don't wait to be found out. Own up right away.

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Czech MotoGP trip

Might have mentioned i went to the Czech GP last year. Nobody on here was interested after the excitement of Essen?????:wink: No don't know of anyone going.

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Help! Unsure about fuel petcock symbols

@Shortbus said:

Yes I am a grumpy old man

That drives or rides a short bus?

To those in the ancestral homeland, in The Colonies, "special needs" children ride a short bus to school, while standard program children ride a longer bus.

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Yamaha FJ1200 for £1000 - worth it for first 'big bike'?

@Beelady Yep got it yesterday and spent the afternoon practicing figure of 8's in the car park. Done training for my mod1 today on a honda nc700. Nice weather for it except when stationary taking instructions off the instructor, bit hot in my armoured kit.

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Yamaha FZ 6 cutting out

@promomast I've replied to your PM, but this site is fickle, so you may not have got it. Hopeless on here sometimes.

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Miracles do happen

I have (like others) been emailing the 'Silent Manager' about my points being incorrect by -12 points for rounds 16, 17 & 18.

This weekend (round 19) my points were still incorrect to a sum of +49 points this time.

Logging into Fantasy Website this lunchtime, I find they are now correct (hooray) or have I spoken to soon?

Congrats & credit to whoever sorted this pile of c**p out.
I take back all I said (well almost).

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baseball coat diy 60%OFF

@pizoff We are mostly British. We don't play baseball. Stop bothering us.

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