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I may be gone for some time...

....and a little bit dangerous stevebaldy ?....:laughing:
I needed a coffee after that jaunt.

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Brake calliper binding

You changed the discs? For new ones?.. if so we should assume they are not warped..
What bike is it? Are they semi floating discs? If so there is no way you could warp them doing them up....
When you refitted the discs was the wheel meticulously clean? Any dirt between disc and wheel could stop the disc seating flat and just a tiny bit would translate to quite a lot by the time you get to the working part of the disc...
I would suggest taking everything off again, making sure all is clean then refitting...
As for cleaning your pistons , scotchbrite and brake cleaner is all you should need... If that won't shift it get new pistons....

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Sat nav by Iphone

This is the best motorcycle smart phone application I have found. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bike Clothings

Thanks bro for this bide clothings, i had visit you site and its is awesome, Great Supplier used clothing and best place to buy clothes.

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Lorenzo and Rossi now have respect

Yeah finally the Dogturd has kind of admitted he was wrong to try and stab his team mate in the back and get him sacked. Issuing a Factory with a Ultimatum and when his bluff was called crying off to Ducati where he should have been left to rot.

Nice of him, Eh?

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Boring WSB

STS.. You`re a very bad man... :laughing:

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Ha !

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Rear brake lock up

If you have a Honda CBR600RR or CBR1000RR with C-ABS, you can either grab the brake lever or stomp on the foot pedal, and the electronics and hydraulic servos will do the proper distribution for you.

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CBT woes

@bmwgs said:

Do you know any one with a 125 gear bike you could learn on in a carpark or on privet land.

Don't toss the letter Q onto privet land if rabbits and foxes are there.

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Reccomendations for new bike

@Beelady yeah alot of people have said that

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Brackley Bike Fest 16th Aug


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