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Xmas Word Chain Game

for them to poop :poop:

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Pannier locking problems

Montesa-Honda build quality is probably the worst of all Honda. :disappointed:

The front latch on my right pannier would not close today after I stopped to deal with a broken helmet visor latch. :tired_face:

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triumph thruxton

@morganater said:

@fogie psst pass it on

psst pass it on

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Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses.

cheers bud i wear oakley half jackets under me lid . will check that out .

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2015 UK MotoGP @ Silverstone

I can't wait that long.

I'm going to Assen!!!!!!!!

Just in case anybody hadn't noticed yet :grinning:

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Boring WSB

Managed to watch the races on telly last night.. Tom Sykes and Jonny Rea battling and bashing was fooking brilliant.. There were only 31,000 at Donington this weekend .. not very good.:worried:

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"Where are they now ?"

I remember Chris guy and graham wood. great riders who could run with the best of them. my late brother in law Bob smith used to race with them in the late seventies Early eighties. often wonder what happened To them.

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Oh dear, (a CAT B,not to go back on the road ) , as far as I know a cat B cannot be insured for the road legally. Any ins com will let you believe its insured because they dont check until a claim is made and YOUR liable.

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touring battle fields,france

Ypres is easy to get to and deals with the carnage pretty sensitively IMO. The museum in the Cloth Hall looks at the human impact, the Last Post is haunting. I can recommend a battlefield tour with a guide as well, and Talbot House in Poperinghe is excellent too. If you have time my great uncle Lt John Dabbs, MM - veteran of Gallipoli and the Somme rests in Railway Dugout Cemetery, Zillebeke...

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White lines

I decrease my speed overall in the wet. If there are white lines/arrows on entry or through corner, I tend not to apply too much brakes or throttle harshly to avoid a squeekey bum moment. In the dry, I go at normal corner entry speed reguardless of whether there's road markings, have never had issues with riding over them. Its gravel/chuckies/crap/bumps on the road you need to worry about.

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triumph truxton rear spoked wheel

I have a triumph thruxton rear spoke wheel, thruxton 900 pre 2007 late 90s part number 2014012 will fit vin 288106 304140 please get in touch at leave your number and I will give you a call thanks

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The new site is rubbish!

I am with most of the other posters on the page - the site is hard work & not as interesting as the original . I very rarely use it ,apart from the odd browse through the ads .

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22 May 2015

I'm coming from West Wales best part of 250 miles one way but making a weekend of it . Travelling down on Thursday

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