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Any qualified engineers out there?

Well, tonight I got time to go out and blow all of the debris out from around the injector. What appears to have happened is that the garage have put in an m8 2d helicoil (16mm thread length) but fitted a bolt which was only long enough to grip the first 5 threads. Looking down the hole there is the damaged remains of about 10mm of helicoil still there, and the top 6 or 7 mm of hole is completely stripped. Such a bad job, I really hate cowboy garages.

Good news is that we may have enough meat left to fit a timesert and a longer bolt and rescue this. Would still like to get an engineers report to push this through the courts, the dealer who bodged this shouldn't get away with doing such a shoddy job!

Thanks all for the advice, still haven't made time to load pictures up, but will do so soon.


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Cbf125 Start problems

Ah yes the commutator. ..I cleaned it well.

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A new shop - need suggestions

generally when it comes to anything with motorcycles it is a small community, try and get people to spread the word, example stuff for free? make videos? Market it i suppose, what would make someone go to your store instead of the one next door or why not go online...

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Siima MotoWear has discounts on their products

Unfortunately, 'Fattajackets' would be of more interest

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Rossi back to his devious best then...

@smidget said:

Hope your just as quick to praise Valentino for making no fuss as to Zarco's move during the race, even shaking Zarco's hand after the race.

Officially that was a "racing incident" with neither party at fault.

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World SuperSport

@Colonial-Piglet Can't make up my mind about a penalty for that. Every time I watched it I changed my mind. Glad it's not my job to sort it out.

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TT ferry tickets for sale

How much are you looking for Mick?

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What legal stuff do you need to ride a second hand motorcycle right after purchase

Legal minimum requirements
A valid driving license
Insurance - can be arranged on the spot
TAX - can be arranged on the sport
A crash helmet

A receipt for the bike.
Your section of the log book
Boots, gloves, riding jacket and trousers

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Eagle Riders Florida Tour.

Glad he is finally on his way to his American adventure, sure he is going to have a great time , the Orlando tourist stuff isn't for me but I wouldn't mind a ride around the Florida key area , that looks nice some pretty places , blue sea blue skies, I am jealous. I know you going to miss him whilst he's away having fun .

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Leaning too much into a corner?

Have a look at the back tyre , look for the chicken strips.
my back tyre.jpg
back tyre sinnis.jpg
If you look at my back tyre you can see a little space between the wear line and the tyre edge. If you then scroll down to daughters back tyre you can still see the little moldings sticking up from the tyre surface and wider unworn line between the edge of the tyre and the start of the area of wear. Hence she rides the bike very upright and I tend to hoon around.
Hope this helps.

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Cleaning of Matt Black paint on Yamaha XV950

@Norriski you're probably right.... I'm just a brand Whore it would seem lol...

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BSB Donington points?

Dozy twats have added the Donington BSB R2 results but not Q or R1.

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I was in Stratford the other day. I hadn't noticed the 24 hour Mc donald's on the corner of Western rd before, bit unfortunate for your mates business !

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