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Brum/London Bike Shows - opinions?

NEC is an easy fix:

Running between the International Airport, International railway station and key locations all around the car and coach a new fully automated transport system connecting everything to everything and make the mono rail drop off right in the middle of the central concours of the NEC.
It would rise up and over the old main entrance giving superb views over the whole place and then drop down into the main hub inside the NEC. Could be a hanging carraige aka ski lift type of design.
Anyone remember the Maglev that wasnt built?

Also provide proper covered, heated and brightly lit walkways down the spine of each car park to the monorail (or similar) stations.

Also provide motorised transport within the NEC central area. Could be golf type buggies or an electric "train"
All nicely logo'd corporate stylee.

Do a makeover on that smack ugly rail station too !

That would be a winner for the NEC that London couldnt match.

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oil change tips

Loosen and retighten the drain bolt Before warming the engine, avoids overtight bolts.

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Helmet Camera

You ain't obviously seen my ol' witch cos then you'd realise it's not good to look at her from a distance never mind up close on the rare occasion we're bumping uglies.
So definitely not wanting to watch any re-run of that very short film.
Remember guys , it's a race and there's no points for coming second.

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Chip in helmet

I don't know what HJC recommend, but Arai recommend using a car touch up pen.

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"Two Wheels Good" Private League, MCN FANTASY ROAD RACE 2015, League PIN: 19394

This is it - there are less than 24 hours before the World Superbike weekend at Phillip Island and the start of MCN's 2015 Fantasy Road Race! Be there at the beginning by competing in the "Two Wheels Good" league (PIN #19394), and in addition to bragging rights, maybe you'll win a little somethin' else. Enjoy the season, and see you at the chequered flag! :checkered_flag:

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Can anybody throw any light on what happend to T Elias at the first race?

Have him in my fantasy team, but didn't see him in the race?

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Hi has anyone taken the VIP hospitality package and or the heros dinner tickets

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Carole Nash - any good?

Carole Nash are coming up with the most competitive quote for this years insurance. What are they like? Anyone had an particularly good or bad experiences with them? They may be a well known name but I have not used them before so would appreciate feedback on any experiences you guys may have had.

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2015 road trips

HI all

thougtht i would advertise for anyone in the midlands area and they want to join in with other people, find us on faceboook > midlands riders < click LIKE ... or go to
on there if you go to the events page you will see " fortnightly " sunday rides :-) ALL welcome - if the event page says " 125 friendly " means we will have 2 groups, 1st group leave first and can cater for 125's, new riders, tourers, cruisers, pillys or anyone that wishes to go ina group but slower pace.... then the 2nd group is your normal ride pace :-) << trying to give diversity in bikers / bikes :-) .. hope to see more new riders soon


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new rider help

Don't get me wrong you will not get blistering pace off it but one of my kids rides one daily and will not be parted from the bike even when we offer the keys to mums car. It's a single cylinder thumping engine that will chug along all day between 60 and 70 mph. It has just been MOT'd with no issues so for 3 year old bike it is wearing well.

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buying used from a shop

@sc0ttie said:

I seen A bike I want to buy, it advertised on ebay as a classified ad. The listing states:

I would expect it to have punchy performance. :fist:

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motorcycle electrics

@Shortbus said:

The stator coils and/or the spinning magnets.
Problem is I doubt you can find (buy) such upgrade parts.
As suggested, you should confirm proper operation of the stock charging system and battery.
Unless you have "upgraded" your lighting or added other power consumers, your stock system should support your battery just fine. 25 more cc shouldn't cause an issue, but honestly I don't know anything about your specific bike, just spouting general stuff.
And, I think your thread is in the wrong hopper.

I believe the bike is a version of this:

And yes, you are more likely to see a Desmosedici RR in your neighborhood than a Derbi Senda.

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Help needed to increase the Gould construction league from two,please join and make it a challange pin 23277

Just two so might not be hard to be top of the table lol

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