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Try before you buy......

Its not you is it Steve... ? :laughing: What a cheeky bugger..!!

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OIL pressure Light

Oil pick-up/Strainer blocked.: Remove sump and check/clean at the same time as replacing oil and filter.

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motorbike cleaning products

I think we have some ALDI chocolate brioche left...... :open_mouth:
Its so bad for you, its actually good.

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Change your fashion style with diffrent designs

You dream it , we bling it !
we peakemb have over 10 years of experience and good reputations in this field by rhinestone transfers wholesale superior quality merchandises at competitive prices in the world market. If you have any queries, please feel free to visit and contact us!

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Are we there yet?

@questo18 said:

No seriously, Toseland should be sacked. Comes across as a fool.

I thought it was an old tree stump carved to look like Toseland?

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World SuperSport Report

Once again no report on the Supersport race in this weeks paper. Considering it was an historical occasion with the local brothers coming first and fifth.
Now if the winning bikes had been Triumph's, I'm sure it would have been headline news

Please MCN there are other races just as interesting as the GP, WSB and BSB, lets have coverage of the WSS as well

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It wasn't me , I didn't take 'em , don't blame me , I wasn't there.
I've got a mate who'll give me an alibi !
Where did you lose them ?

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Speeding ticket time frames

Many thanks.

I guess I have a while to wait then.

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Western Sahara - Budget Dakar Challange

April 16th will see the start of a budget 30day tour of Morocco down to the Western Sahara Desert, the Aim is to cover a 200km Stretch of the last 2008 Dakar Rally. Part of a team of 5 unless the BMW GS drops out then 4 definite bikes will turn out.
With a limited budget of £1100 we'll wild camp where ever we can and travel 4500mile through Spain/Morocco down to a southern point of Laayoune.
On paper a 2001 Honda CB500 and the St1100 are probably the most inappropriate bikes to take of road, never mind trail riding across the Atlas Mountains and riding for 3 days over the Sahara Desert.
Filmed over the 30 days using HD camera's Rod (the organiser) will film the Adventure," without support and aid of a back up team" He'll follow the challenge of the Honda CB500,St1100 and the African Twin on his Yamaha XT600 and document the heroic drops, punctures and mishaps on the way.
Without any aid or sponsorship from any Honda dealers, Yamaha's Infinity Motorcycles have stepped in and supplied us with some real goodies. We'll sleep under tarps/Tents or any unused Building on the way, till our return to the UK on the 18th May.
The Adventure is based on a " Take what you have & Use what you've got" Austin Vince at it's best, regardless of equipment or motorcycle you have, we're trying to prove you don't need the latest dual sports bike or up to date kit to do this type of adventure.
Rod and a cool guy "SNIPER" in 2014 under went a trip like this from UK to Turkey in 30 days with a budget of £900 !!!!!!!!!!. Things went well, until Sniper lost or had his passport/money/V5/Insurance stolen in Bulgaria.....
This year the film will be Edited and released on YOUTUBE around July. If you would like a taste of last years Boobs. SHAW2SHORE is his video channel. It is hoped the full write up of the Adventure will be published in the MCN.

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500 miles... need to rethink my insurance

Watching and learning the body language of cars around you and you`ll soon pick up the little tell tale signs that they are looking at or about to make a manouver. Or even just not concentrating.
If you see a car looking to pull out onto the road you are on, watch the front wheels to see if they start rotating. Good clue they might be pulling out or just not concentrating. and creeping forward.

Golden rules are worth learning or making your own.
Like: Never ever asssume a driver has seen you.
Do the life saver observations over your shoudlers, I do it even in the car. Its a good habit to adopt.
Learn to trust your sixth senses, if you want to wind the throttle in hard and blast it, buit something is just holding you back, then don't nail it ! Hold back and wait and see. Life saver. Listen to your instincts.

Must be loads more others can add?

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Born again biker (mid life crisis) ?

We never did find out what bike RickPat bought. :disappointed:

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Do it yourself to create your fashion style !

Do it yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. Academic research describes DIY as behaviors where "individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and component parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment .Do you have a try to make your own fashion style with crystal transfer ?
You dream it , we bling it , you can offer the pattern , we can design and create it for you with high quality rhinestone heat transfers ! So if you have thoughts about clothing design , welcome to contact us !

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Thank you

Anyone riding up from the London area:cow:

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