Hi guys, can I bring to your attention to this link and could you please please pass this round to all your chapters..CLUBS ECT...and any other clubs you know ...thank you
Any support you can give to Sally on her mission, and to maybe raise funds,

Sally's Biking 4 Brainray - Home

can you guys please support her on her way and wish Sally every luck with her ride.

She is trying to raise money for Hurstwood Park
The League of Friends is currently raising funds towards the purchase of a Surgical Navigation Unit for HPNC Theatre.
Hurstwood Park is the only operating neurological hospital in South East England .

I guess while a lot of us favour the Air Ambulance as our favourite charity here in the South, it is very often what happens to us when we get to the other end that determines our future.
As a one off, I wondered if this year you would like to consider that this may be a worthy cause for any charity fundraising efforts this year.

and said she was doing a ride run...and cood i help her..by putting a link on my/any club site..... and could anyone pls copy and paste the link on any sites.......its for a real good cause.....

read below...

Sally's Biking 4 Brainray - Home

Where to Find Us Haydens Restaurant Hurst Green

this is her resturant

she has given me permission to put her number up...and email if u want any info....

and coULd anyone either give support on the day or plegle sumthing for the unit...

any more info pls email her.