What a waste of £15, there were more & better bikes in the car park. The organisers seriously underestimated the interest in the event and opened one kiosk for ticket holders and one for those without - result, 45 minute queue to get in, no bar, piss poor event and serious disappointment all round, even guest of honour Russell Michell couldn't find his way in, because there was no signage except an A4 effort hastily knocked up on a PC and posted inside the building. Actually it was kind of funny to watch Russell Michell trying to get into the Dr Who exhibition by mistake. Even the Earls Court website said the event was in Hall One, it wasn't. Perhaps the managers of one of the busiest venues in the UK should go to the Bulldog Bash and see how it should be done! No queues, no fuss, plenty of bars, entertainment for all and VALUE FOR MONEY.

This is the best I can do without swearing, hope you get my point.

Best stall? Ace Cafe - because they know that bikes don't have to a have poxy V twin engine in them, you can bolt what you like onto a Harley just don't call it customising - it's personalising.