Anyone interested in a guided 'sports tour' down to the Brno Grandprix circuit for track-days a race weekend?

I'm organising a luggage-light ride through some choicer bits of Germany, Alps and Czech republic, with guide, B&B accomodation, off-bike luggage haulage to/from munich and the track, track-day tire fettling/bike setup support, and get-you-back-to-UK organised in the event of a mechanical woes or a spill.

The trip would reach Brno (see Brno Circuit) 8-9 July (track-days, optional instruction) and/or 9-12 (3 track-days with racing). The track-days are run by Actionbike a well-established Munich based training and track-day organizer.

Two joining points are planned:

  • Munich 6th July
  • Cochem (Mosel valley, near Nurburgring) 4th July.Luggage and track-day gear pick-up would be in the UK roughly a week earlier. Luggage and gear would be accessible in Munich as well as at the Track. Return to the UK would be roughly a week after the last track-day.

A guided pick up from Calais (add another day) is also possible. Costs assuming 4 riders would be around: EUR300 from Munich or EUR620 from Cochem.

Luggage/track-gear transport to the Munich and the racetrack would be roughly EUR300. The track-days on the 8th and 9th cost EUR160 each, the race-weekend 10th to 12-th is EUR395. Instruction in small groups (2-4 riders) on the 9th is only EUR15 (its subsidised by the track-day organizer).

For more details on the track-days contact me or check-out the organizer's web-site here.

If you're interested and would like more details contact me at:

Tel.: +498121883672
Mobile.: +49173539755

(I've replaced @ with XXX with - with YYY in my email address to keep
the Spammers at arms length)

Background: I'm Brit living in Munich.
I'm a part-time bike instructor who occasionally rides with and instructs for Actionbike. My only financial interest in Actionbike are subsidised race weekends when I instruct at track-days.

The trips are being organised by myself (with a little help from friends and family) on a strictly non-commercial costs-only basis. I think the 'sports tour' idea should be fun and might even be do-able commerically. However, I want to give it a go informally as a bit of fun before risking a commercial run.