i had been with MCE for 3 years, never paying admin fees to change bike or adress which i did at least 4 times over the period.

thankfully in January I protected my 5yrs no claims, in March my bike got nicked and then wrote of by a fool nearly 3 weeks later. this was a very serious investigation for the police due to bloke nearly killing himself.Any way I insured my 2001 sv650s which was a CAT D for 1850 with 200 excess. with no arguments or refusals.less than 6 weeks later they offered me this amount. from the day the bike got nicked to that day i got my cheque took 6 weeks. so i was happy.


Then i wanted to insure my new bike they said equity red star will not allow me to swap the bike due to the nature of the claim and i would have to start a new policy. This wasnt a problem i wanted to insure my new Yam TRX 850 thank god i protected my claims. However I then found a much cheaper policy with IAM Surety with Adelaide easily the best company for any IAM members. i got fully comp class one business use and 3rd party on other bikes for £250 which was £150 quid cheaper than the TPFT policy with MCE.

Anyway Adelaide wanted proof of no claims so i thought ok thats fair.

Phoned **MCE **they said as I still owe them £250 towards the policy i had they wouldnt issue the proof of no claims until i had paid. they told me it would continue by DD and now they are saying i gotta pay in full. So I phone equity the actuall insurer and they had the proof of no claims with me within 48 hours. Fcuk MCE I say, now they are getting a tenner a month and i have a much better and cheaper insurance policy.
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