Just before I went to this years TT I decided to buy a new pair of gloves.Living close to Helmet City I took a ride up to them.The choice of gloves helmets and clothing they hold is amazing but I could only afford a pair of gloves.If only i,d had enough money for a new Arai.Anyhow I ended up buying a pair of AStars SP2 and it was only when I got on the Island that I knew that the right hand glove was never going to get comfortable because it was really hurt my hand.To try and remedy the situation I gota pair of scissors and butchered the glove in trying to ease the stitching. All to no avail.When I got back home I took them back to HC and Martin said even though I had butchered them and therefore rescinded my right to an exchange he would have a word with the AStars Rep when he next came in.

Long story cut very short they agreed to give me a new pair, brilliant.So when you do need any more gear please remember my experience and consider buying it from HC because you can do so knowing that if you do have a sizing problem etc you will know that if they can HC will help you resolve the problem.As for me I will start saving the pennies now for those new jeans I need. Thanks Martin and crew.