I just passed my Module 2 on the first attempt (3 minors). Just wanted to give a heads up to OneWay in Clacton for helping me pass - grade A tuition.

Another thing - the examiners.

People think they're out to get you and such.

My minors were for leaving an indicator on, SPEEDING and parking too close to a car.

Let me elaborate.

For leaving an indicator on he said i left it on but not for enough time to affect someone dangerously.

For speeding, he said i was going a bit fast in a 30.
I was doing this because there were NO repeater signs and the cars in front were doing 40. I glanced in my mirror and noticed the examiner was lagging. I promptly slowed to 30. He said it would have been a major, but because i noticed my mistake and corrected it without dangerously affecting anyone it was a minor.

When he asked me to pull up, he said i coulda left a bigger gap between me and the van i parked behind. He also said i pulled out on a car, but because there was a little distance between us and it didn't have to slow down, it was only a minor.

This post is just really to say 'good riddance' to the L plates, and that examiners aren't as bad as people make out. He spotted my mistakes but gave me the benefit of the doubt because he could see i'd corrected them.

The only stumper now is that i've gotta wait til Monday for my Thundercat to be ready :upset: