I know there are a number of posts regarding Mod1 up on this forum but I like to add my experince to the subject.

I've just been to take my mod 1 today at Kirkham, Lancashire, unfortunately I've FAILED !!

I've put my foot down on the Slalom, this was due to nerves, also this and the fig 8 was the two manoeuvers I was struggling on during my direct access training.

I was gutted, but I carried on, and now I was relaxed, fig 8 went through without any issue.

The next thing I failed on was the avoidance, I clip the inner cone as I came in, but other than that I enjoyed the experince.

The speed for avoidance was 56 kph & 63 kph for the Emergency stop.

I had a good instructor from BCL in Blackpool, when we done the training, they shorting the measurements, done the slow riding on a sloped and was lucky to have also practiced in the wet - Train hard Fight Easy!!

For people who are worried about the mod 1 test don't, really don't, there are plenty of room to do manoeuvrs, just relax :lol: and people who are on a 125, you've got plenty of room to build up speed on the bend.

Once again RELAX and Plan Ahead, and you wont make the silly mistakes like I did <img class=" /> Best of luck to all mod 1 takers, I got 2 weeks for the retake <img class=" />