On my way home in the car on the A3 on Saturday evening 03/06/10 I was passed by a Yamaha doing in excess of 120mph, I checked my mirrors and sure enough a burgundy Pan European was trailing him at about half a mile behind. Pan rider in black jacket with a nice flip system white helmet with a nice check pattern around the rim. they both promptly went trough a 50mph camera, sliced up a few cars and disappeared into the Kingston bypass. obviously the police rider was getting enough video evidence for another dangerous biker prosecution. Yam rider cheers for making life crap for the rest of us, all I could think was how all the cars were moaning at both bikes for the stupid riding and high speeds that they were traveling at. By the way I had just spent the day doing a CBT for two new rider hopefuls, talking about how the picture of dangerous bikers were a thing of the press,obviously another nail in the coffin for bikes with dodgy video evidence to be shown on the BBC news at a later date. Why do we do it, why can't we ride a little more carefully and mate why couldn't you see me flashing you to say watch out. I suppose the Yam rider deserves to lose everything if he can't do a simple thing like use his mirrors.