The most eye-catching three teams, Germany, Spain and continuity are the best from euro 2008 further success. The World Cup semi-finals two teams of the past experience, but far more, Germany is a young team,wholesale nfl jerseys, Spain's more mature. And two years ago, compared to their lack of fernando torres, although the wallop more sharp side but more stubborn, central defence.

Germany's defeat for two reasons, first is enough confidence, the rhythm control and the game too easily handed over thirty, his body against the strong and speed cannot show. Even in England, Argentina, two games, but almost all is a model of success. Two years ago the euro 2008 final defeat to coach joachim loew ex-marxists, to compress the other space, they can only take offense conservative play, protecting the defence, midfield attacking threat rely mainly on set-pieces. Thomas muller injury also let the team back process efficiency greatly reduced, replace him XiaoFu Troy was to help defend positively, not offensive. But in the second half to cross that if in battle, the situation is moller may be different. Because the war two Spanish defender, positive stopped blocking and meet rob high balls, Germany's overall dominant launched for long, little more is through the ground klose try counterattack. And this is precisely the strengths, Spain's defensive player of the year for passing the intention of anticipation to Germany, often in very accurate opponent attacking brewing process first complete destruction. When such deficit to initiative, NFL jerseys, they have no physical advantages, also can open wide.

The second point is defensive details neglect. The box has been in touch road carles puyol, short corner teammates almost header from the building. It hasn't caused by German defence vigilance, Spain, high balls threat tall only from ramos, carles puyol and peek. But in the deadly throw the ball in near 12 yards, Germany was arranged for docherty pull, not the highest figure of two central defender, he opposed to Spain and how the "double ghost clap door"!