So after 12 years riding my 1988 Yamaha 600 Tenere it was time to say for a change. I bought a BMW F650 for the hollidays in England. Bike in the van and use it to avoid your bloody traffic jams and all that. Wife on the back, like we had done for years. OK i have picked up some weight down the line, but that German machine did not cope with the both of us. Rear shock? where? I thought it was gone untill i read, that the bike including the riders can hold 360 kg. And that for a german bike, you know, they are not small people. We are about 180 kg together. The bike about 200 kg. Some stuff like drink and food and you are much to heavy. I ride bikes since 1968 and i have had loads of them. But never ever there was a problem like this. And i have never read anything about it. So be warned. Do not buy a F650, if you ride with a passenger( unless you do not eat)