i have just has the worst dealing with a shop i have ever had, i ordered a jacket from Motorcycle world direct on august 12th******************
it arrived a week later it was in a soaking wet box and inside the box
was the jacket not in a plastic bog but in paper wet paper the jacket
was stained on the lining,i took photos of the box unopened and after
opening and of the damge to the jacket then i immediatley phoned them up
first i was told it was up to me to sort it out with the courier than
later told me he had to sort it out and he would send me a jacket when
the courier's insurance had pad them for the jacket whichi said was
wrong and asked him to send me a jacket a size smaller he told me he
tought he had one in stock i askedhim too let me know, i didn't hear a
thing they wouldn't answer there shop phone or there mobile phone i left
answer messages on there shop phone and mobile left meesages on there
shop website nothing ans on the week before the august bank holiday left
a message saying i needed the jacket for the bank holiday monday as i
was picking my motorbike up and if they couldn't send it then send me a
refund as i needed to buy a jacket, nothing i started a claim up with
ebay a week later and withn 2 hours i had an email from them telling me
they were sending a javket i said no already had one now i wanted my
money back i was called a fraud a liar told there was nothing wrong
with the jacket ,he called my neighbour a liar after the couriers left
the parcel with them, he said he left it outside then said he wouldn't
refund my money because my neibour was responsable for the jacket he
should have refused delivery, under his terms and conditions i wasn't
covered for a refund, i eventually got my refund today after paypal made
him disgusting