hey guys im from australia and im currently looking to buy a brand new bike ive got it down between the 2010 zx10r the 2010 fireblade and the 2011 zx10rABS. prices are $15k/$16k/$20k respectively.

i like the ninjas but i am finding it hard to justify the 5k excess for the newer version and would you recommend paying a little more for the blade? most of my riding will take place going to and from uni which is a 20 min ride with a track day about every 3 months although i dont push the bike to its limits cause i dont care too much about my times i do it more just for the fun. i only ride when its dry so im wondering about the abs and traction control use that i will realistically get out of the newer ninja. ive ridden them on both and they both fit me well and i would feel happy riding them. would it be worth it to spend the extra $1k for the hondas reliability or the extra $5k for the newer ninja.

i know about all the insurance costs and what not they all attract the same premium more or less.

should i spend the extra cash or just save it towards getting my cruiser?