hi there, i was after some advice, i have an fj 1200 yamaha, its mega reliable and super fast, and i do alot of distance work on it, alot of rallies and holiday too. im 23 years old so i cant say its the coolest thing in the world, not when my girlfriend has got a cb1300 sa!.

im not the tallest guy in the world but the seat height at 790mm of the fj is ok, i wouldn't want much higher though. im looking for something that is good, solid and reliable, beacuse i cover big miles, it needs to be. it needs to be a little lighter and i little bit more fuel efficient that my fj, but be able to cruise and fairly high speed, my budget is around £1700 - £2800 at the minute. ive been looking at fzs 1000, xjrs and and such like, any suggestions?