Kyle who?, 14 year old british 125 champion, future british prospect,next Bradley,redding?, Let's see someone like Paul Bird or Darryl Healey take this talent through the next levels,starting in 2012!, Moto3 on an FTR would be a great start, -british sponsor -team-bike-rider, championship -in from the beginning -possibly progress to moto2 with FTR chassis, Howabout a MCN feature on Kyle and Britains other young lions in waiting?, Without press coverage and associated publicity ,what chance have they got of encouraging sponsors or gaining support?. F1 car , Italian/Spanish motorcycle federations all have robust infrastructures for their hot prospects, What is being done about ours?( yeah, I know about the recession!), Sorry for rant!, Just a Patriotic fan!, (P.S I have never met Kyle Ryde ,however wish him and other youngsters well for the immediate future!). my first post -so I welcome any positive/constructive comments on any of the above!!