Ok on inspection of the lid it looks ok it comes with a spare visor a drop down sunshield and neck napes which you can attach to the base of the lid to keep your neck comfy.

I used the lid for the first time today and as it was my first flip i found it handy not having to take it off at petrol stations etc. The drop down sunvisor was handy but it was a bit of a fiddle trying to locate the catch with gloves on. No doubt in time you will be able to go to it every time.

Now for the cons, OMG it is so noisy, sub 40mph just liveable but above that for any longer than a few minutes you need ear plugs. At 70mph with earplugs the noise was still intrusive to the point of it being very tiring over a longer period of time say 1 hour. I comes with acustic pads that you can place in the helmet but all that seems to do is to squash your ears to the point of them hurting and do nothing for the noise.

The visor do not seem to seal at the corners so i expect rain to come down there inside bluring your side vision. not good when doing life savers.

From a noise point of view it is only good for 50cc scooters.

To be honost i think i am going to try and take it back for a refund.