Hi guys.

I hope admin, and mods don't mind me posting this, it is for a good cause!

Mick is currently trying to ride 1000 miles on a Honda C90 on UK roads right now! He left this morning and has been making good progress since!

It's believed now he may have turned his phone off to save battery so we do not have a recent update, but as of 3pm he had done 217 miles averaging 42.4mph.

Mick is doing this for 2 charitys, Help for heroes, and Bolton Hospice. This means he has 2 just giving pages.

They can be found here:



Please sponsor him, however little (or much ;) ) it may be.

For those of you that are wondering what the hell I am on about, want to know more, or want to know how he's doing as we find out you can find more info here:


Thanks guys!