I have a Ducati 1098s that I have always found difficult to get it to go round corners in a steady manner! On slow corners it is hard to hold the line and on long fast corners it tends to drift wide. This means that I end up having to make an adjustment at some point while going around the corner.

This is something that I have always put down to my style of riding not matching the bike.

This was while using the Pirellie Supercorsa tyres: front size 120/70 zr17 and rear size 190/55 zr17.

In order to get better mileage from the rear tyre, I switched to Avon Storm-2 Ultra tyres - but the rear tyre only came in size 190/50 zr17, but I had it fitted anyway.

What a surprise when I got on the bike - around corners it is like a different bike - the bike drops into corners and hold's its line - it has become the bike I always thought it should be!

I don't understand what has happened? Is the improvement down to the different profile of the Avon tyre, or its different size, or both? Could this mean that the suspension set up on the bike has never been right?

Your help in understanding what the problem is would be very much appreciated,

Robin Pike