Hi everyone. I have a kmx 125 which i love! But the only this is that when i full throttle the bike. It over revs after 6-7 thousand ( not powerband lol) and looses power. Now i thought this was the clutch so i go a new one. But then after recieving it. Its impossible NOT to stall the bike. And took it to my friends grandad who is a master with all motocross bikes. I.e after every race my friend has his whole engin re-furbed and cleaned new oil ect. He wasn't too sure what it could be. I think it could be my power valve sticking open after looking on web. But not 100% sure on how to fix this. Im pretty sure its not restricted as i can still hit 80+ no prob. Just have to fether the throttle so it doesn't spin!! HELP! :)