New member - found the site after doing a bit of research. Looking for some experienced advice.

Situation is I am starting a new job and the commute is looking most practical via motorbike which just happens to fall in line with something I have always wanted to do.

Currently have no experience on bikes. I have booked my CBT for in a few weeks.

My dream bike has always been a Yamaha 125dx/dr since I was a young lad (mid 30s) now. Gutted to find out they don't make them any more.

Budget for a bike initially is probably around £1000-£1500. Thinking another grand minimum for insurance and accessories? Is it worth picking up a 2nd hand one, is there a modern day equivalent that is within budget. Am I an idiot for getting a 'dual' type bike for a commuter being a complete novice?

Pretty much any advice appreciated really.