GSXR1000? or GSXR 750


Really excellent website and excellent videos,

I had a gsxr600 for many years, 2008 and then 2010 models, but i needed somthing stronger so making a stupid choise i bought 2012 kawasaki z750s, i owned it for one month did 1000KM and traded it for R1 2009. but i use the bike for everyday, going to work buying groceries and the r1 was toughhh and the engine very shaky and the heat was unbarable .

now i have 2012 Tmax, but i need to buy a sport bike i cant live with scooters, so should i buy an r6? or is too weak? or shall i buy a GSXR1000 year 2011 since it is the same prive of GSXR750 2011, or the 1000 could not be used for every day?

I live in israel, we do not have tracks so all my fast and strong driving is on live streets and high ways