Hi, Fairly new to the forum (joined a few months ago when I got my CBT). This last Thursday I passed my Theory test (I congratulated myself by taking the long way home from Northampton to Welly on my XR125 L5).

Now I would obviously love to do Direct Access Module 1&2 before the new rules come in (I am 22 so to my knowledge if I can get that done before the new rules, I can ride anything from my dads 1958 Triton 500cc to his 98 Daytona 595) however it is unlikely (money issues etc) that I will be able to do get it done before January, so my question is, I know the new rules will restrict me to 47bhp and a power to weight ratio limit as well (I think a bike with 47bhp will have to weigh around 175kg???) the bike I would really like to have as my first big bike (not only does it look awesome, but it is possible to get one in good nick for less than I could sell my XR for) is a Yam FZS600 Fazer, thats the 98-04 model, according the MCN page they chuck out 95bhp and weigh 189kg.

So my question is this would it be possible to legally restrict the Fazer to the 47bhp and thus make it legal for me to ride restricted for the 2 years? or would it be better if I tried to get a nice (yet within my means) example of one of my other dream bikes the Honda CB400F with its 30-something BHP & 185kg dry weight?

thanks for any helps (and feel free to suggest alternative bikes to look at! I like 60s/70s Classics mainly but not adverse to others).