Custom show and Zodiac stand are good - but you'll get all that and more at Ally Pally in April.

KTM, Aprillia and Guzzi stands are really small.

Victory only have older models and a nice Mustang (but why at a bike show?). Robinson's Foundry brought a Highball, but it was roped off. As was anything that was even slightly modified on the HArley stand (including stuff that was there to be sat on last year).

BMW and Triumph stands seemed ok. Keeping an open mind about them (given that sportsbikes are not my thing) the Yam and Kwak stands seemed ok (little of anything else on them though). Honda stand was a snooze fest. Only the CRF250 and CB1100 to see, and only one of each!

Ducati stand was packed, so can't really tell you much.

Ususal round of trade stands and the Revolution show slap bang in the middle which meant you had to stand around the guard-rails for an age if you wanted to be in with a prayer of seeing anything at all.

Last year was better (and that ain't saying much). But for me, NEC is just too far as I have to take an 18month old with me.