So with nearly 12k miles on the it's time to get a new set of tyres. The Dunlop Roadsmart's that came on the ER6n lasted two months and always felt a little vague but the forced change after a puncture to Michelin Pilot Road's has proved fruitful for the mostly motorway commute. However, when it comes to the twisty roads they never filled me with confidence, especially on poorly maintained country roads. As a 'budget' tyre I suppose they have done well for what I use them for, racking up that sort of mileage is pretty impressive in my eyes especially considering they were less than £200 for the set fitted.

However, I am keen to get more experience on twisty roads this year and am looking for an all-weather tyre that will be durable but also handle well in the turns and cold/wet weather. I've looked at Metzeler Z8's and Michelin Road Pilot 3's but would they be worth the extra £80-100 for the set (having said that it's proved difficult to find an RRP for either of them fitted).

Does anyone know the real-world durability of these tyres?

You're help could mean the difference between continuing the same tried and tested routes or a lighter wallet but more adventurous riding that will hopefully improve my riding skills.

Thanks folks!