My eBay search for ZX6R fairings has just sent me an email showing a panel finished with "HydroGraphics," a technique I've not heard of before. The Facebook page says,

"What is HydroGraphics? Hydrographics
has several generic names. Some of the names are Water Transfer
Printing, Immersion Printing, Camo dipping ,Cubic Printing and many
more. You might ask what can Hydrographics be applied to? The answer
is nearly any 3-d object that is made from Plastic, wood, glass, metal
& rubber. A general rule of thumb is if it can be painted, it can
be dipped. The process involves taking
your painted item and immersing it into a large water tank along with
your chosen film which has been turned into liquid ink , once coated
the item is rinsed , dried and an automotive grade clear coat is applied
.The outcome depends on your choice of base coat and whether to have a
candy dye mixed in with the clear coat . Some of the most popular items
to dip are guns, bows, Automotive trim, wheels, computer cases,
motorcycle parts and many more."

The finishes on show aren't to my taste but I thought it was an interesting technique.