On Motorway Cops (on iplayer now) a guy on an international licence hires a fast BMW, goes over 80 through 40mph roadworks (no bugger working of course), passing a marked police car then 105mph down the motorway. Empty road at night.

He is sent to court.

He then is caught doing over 100mph on the motorway again.

Twice fails to appear in court.

To me you have dangerous driving as he is not paying attention to anything around him (speed limit changes nor paying attention to what he's over taking also at night where you can't see crap on the roads as well) and speeding x2 as well as an inability to learn from mistakes and disregard for the legal system.

£400 fine and 56 days ban from driving in his absence.

You get a respectable member of society with a first offence doing over 100mph on a motorcycle and he gets 12 months ban at least, regardless of whether they need their licence for work or not. He wasn't in court to argue that he needed his licence and he got a relatively tiny suspension.

I'm sorry but we really need to standardise sentencing. He has far more chance of killing someone else than a motorcyclist who is really only putting their self at risk.