For a start , might as well delete the links to the gov site as that has to be the most unclear and contradictary site I have been on in the last 2 hours trying to sort this out.
The MCN guide to getting your full licence is better but still leaves me asking questions.
I am 18 , have completed CBT and passed theory and hazard perception tests and now want to take the practical. I have been riding my 125 for over a year on a provisional.
It seems I have to take the practical test driving a 125. If I pass that test can I then instantly drive a 33bhp?
If not , do I have to wait 2 years ?
The following quote from mcn seems to imply I can have a full A licence?
"• A practical test on a bike over 120cc but no more than 125cc and with a
top speed of at least 62mph will qualify you for a standard category A
motorcycle licence. You'll be able to carry passengers and use motorways
but will be restricted to a bike of up 33bhp (25kw) with a
power-to-weight ratio up to 0.01bhp/lb (0.16kw/kg) for two years."
But another passage on the same page says the same requirements for the A1 licence.
Would I be better doing another year or so on the provisional after reneweing it , and taking a test at a later date.
What a total pile of rubbish , the gov should be ashamed.
Thnks for help MCN