Let me introduce myself as I'm new.

My name's Vincent Geldhof and live in Belgium (yes where the streets are known for its utter crapness).

motorcycling history when I planned on buying a Scooter, the Honda PCX.
When I found out it was available in 150cc, where I needed a license
for, I applied for driving lessons.

Here is where the love came.
The first time on an open road with a Kawa ER-6N, I fell in love with
more power. The scooter idea was far out of my mind.

Now as being
22 years old. My budget was/still is limited. For the learning stage I
won't buy a new motorcycle. So I found a very sweet deal.

Honda CBR600F (2000) well maintained, low mileage, for 1900EUR. And to
this day, 2 months later, I still do not regret it. It rides fast,
accelerates as a beast. The perfect bike for a learner sport/race lover.
Gives awesome power throughout the whole revs.

But this isn't
really me. I've never been a 'need for speed' type of person. I just
wanna relax, cruise at 120km/s hour, accelerate to pass someone.
Straight seated position etc. So I decided to put my bike on the
internet and look for a new one.

In this topic I will post some
bikes I've found interesting. And I'd like to know your opinion + I will
update my experiences of going for testdrives (as much as I can for
only driving motorcycles 2months).

So what I'm looking for is a chill naked tourer, with good torque in the mid revs.

come across Suzuki bandits, Honda hornets, Yamaha XJ6, Suzuki GSR's and
Kawa ER-6's (although this is a 2 cylinder, people seem to dislike).

1. (my favo atm) Yamaha XJ6 (2009)

10.100 km

Naked bike

600 cc

57 kW

dec 2009


Price: 3700€, i might negotiate it down to 3400/3500€ cash. Last maintenance was 2 weeks ago (he says)
2nd: Suzuki GSF650N (2007)_


13000kms, incl fall protection, yoshimura exhaust pipe, and 1 year warranty (dealer)

3650€, might drop it to 3500€ also

3. Honda Hornet (2003)

fall protection and windscreen
Comes with new rear tire and maintenance

4. Kawasaki ER-6N with ABS (2006)_

Fall protection

He asks 3500, might try 3000 when I show him the money ;)