I bought a new bike from a dealer 100 miles away and decided to use the local dealer for servicing etc out of convenience. After a week, the bike ran out of fuel due to a faulty gauge showing half full (no reserve tap) then another minor part broke - both these were due to be fixed at the first service. I went on holiday and returned to find a pool of oil underneath the bike. Aprilia AA recovery took the bike to the nearest dealer where it has remained for 4 weeks with no sign of any progress. The dealer is awaiting confirmation from Italy as to whether a new crankcase and parts or a brand new engine will be supplied. In the meantime I am paying for a brand new bike with less than 500 miles on the clock and no alternative transport or compensation. Aprilia would not transport the bike to the dealer where I bought the vehicle as it was already at an official dealer. Where do I stand legally as summer is disappearing fast!