Oct 04

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keithd52 says:


I recived a nips in May this year, I sent the form back but would not sign it, then they sent it out again and fill it in but would not sign it, now I recived a witness statment and now see the hand held laser which was used was a LTI 20.20 TS/M. Am I right in believing that this laser has not been tested on motorbikes as was diclosed in MCN a few months ago, Also the officer say he was pointing this at car going North on the A165 in Beeford then he turn and pointed it at me, now there is another motorbike in front as well as cars passing going north, according to the vidio pictures he registered my speed in 5seconds acording to these pictures.

I have recived 2 summons for the same offencefor the same day to apper at court on the 16th December 9.30 in Bridlington, I know I do not have to apper as it is my first speeding ticket I have no other points on my licence,

Also a notice to defendant proof of written statement

this has a photo print of the Chief Inspector signuture he has not sign this him self..

I have recievied Section 172 which is all filled in which I sent back but will not sign it, also a Acceptance of A conditionl Offer.

How do I stand?

Yours Keith Drury