I have just spent 6 months dealing with GROUPAMA insurance after a claim
for theft.

What an incredibly poor service I received from them.

I would very strongly advise against using these people under any
circumstances. Talk about do anything to avoid paying a fair price!

I'll compare them to my car insurance company eSure, with whom I had
reason to deal with the day after as my car was written off by some
white van driving idiot tailgating me on the M3 the day after my
motorcycle was stolen.

Within a week my car had been examined, and a few days later a very
acceptable offer was received for my written off Galant with which I had
no reason to quibble, while I may have got a fraction more on the open
market, I was still pleasantly surprised that the offer was in the
region of the true market value and happily accepted the first offer.
The cheque arrived and all in all very pleasantly done transaction and I
had my settlement in less than 1 month and was sufficiently pleased to
renew my insurance without hesitation in January, despite being offered
cheaper elsewhere.

The day before, my bike was stolen. It was insured by Groupama. The
first thing they did was arrange an 'telephone interview' with me,
making me feel like a suspect. I am an IT professional who hadn't
claimed on bike insurance for 20 odd years. This formality wouldn't have
been too bad, but they needed around 7 weeks until a slot for the
interview. What was the purpose? I can only summise they suspect all
their customers of being dishonest.

Some time later, a cheque arrived in the post, for a derisory amount. No
attempt to contact me or agree a valuation had been made.

Several phone calls were made, mostly to an answer machine which
promised they would call back. Of course, they never did. After several
weeks, I managed to speak to someone, who though friendly and polite was
not really sure why they had valued the bike so low, around 30% of
thier own admission of the top rate. I was not after the top rate, the
bike was in sound working condition, with a great engine and 11000 miles
but I'd happily accept it was not A1, but neither was it a heap. I
eventually returned the cheque with a letter stating it was not
adequate. Some weeks later (can't remember exactly, but probably at
least 6) I was asked for evidence of value.

I sent 2 similar bikes in from the MCN site, all that were similar, both
with higher mileage. I hasten to add that I did not 'filter' this
evidence, the only 2 similar bikes were there for approx £1000 more than
the valuation I received.

Another few weeks passed before an engineer called to impose another
valuation - he was not going to negotiate, about £250 more. Reluctantly I
agreed as I was sick to death of the saga by then, expecting a cheque
to arrive for £250 more than the first.

When the cheque did arrive, it was for only £100 more as they claim they
got the excess wrong the first time round.

By now I am fuming with their incompetence, poor practice, implied
implications, lack of negotiation, lack of returned called.

I am left with the impression that they will do anything to save a few
quid on payouts, and under no circumstances could you call the service
speedy or efficient.

6 months later I have a derisory cheque based on a valuation basically
imposed by the company that is a long long way off replacing my bike
with anything similar.

Groupama are definately NOT recomended. If they come out cheapest,
please pay a few quid more and go to someone else. It will be worth it I
assure you.