Liberty Insurance Limited has just officially launched a new health insurance product called Liberty Medicare, which will be sold to businesses, organizations and families in Vietnam.

Liberty Medicare gives customers great peace of mind against medical treatment costs across Vietnam. This product includes optional insurance packages to best meet customers' needs and financial capabilities. As regards hospitalization benefits, the customers can choose the sum insured (maximum insurer's liability) of VND 500 million or 1 billion. For both options, the customers will be paid the full cost of hospitalization, day case treatment and local ambulance services. Especially, if the sum insured is VND 1 billion, the customers will also be fully covered against organ transplant, cancer treatment, and emergency ward treatment expenses. Additionally, customers can also purchase optional insurance packages for outpatient services, dental services and maternity care to ensure more comprehensive protection.

Liberty MediCare customers are free to choose medical services from hospitals of their choice. For medical treatment at leading hospitals and clinics in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City which have signed direct billing agreements with Liberty, in-patient hospital fees are guaranteed while other legitimate expenses will be reimbursed within 7 working days from reception of full claims documentation. The same reimbursement procedure is applied to medical services from other hospitals.

Liberty's competitive edges are based on American-standard products and services. With state-of-the-art information systems, transparent processes, professionally trained staff, 24/7 Multi-functional Call Center, and fast and fair claims service, Liberty has become the largest foreign invested non-life insurer in Vietnam in terms of premium income in 2010. Additionally, Liberty MediCare customers have 24/24 access to free medical information and assistance by International SOS.

Liberty Medicare is suitable for not only businesses and organizations but also families (including spouses and children) with 3 or more persons, with a minimum cost of only VND 7,000 per person per day. Especially, Liberty MediCare customers will be entitled to special group discounts of up to 20%. Please contact our Multi-functional Call Center for more details.

Mr. Carlos Vanegas, CEO of Liberty, said: "Liberty Medicare is developed from Liberty HealthCare, which is one of the most favorite health insurance products among the top end customers, especially foreigners living and working in Vietnam. Therefore, we believe that the introduction of Liberty Medicare will ensure that more people will have access to comprehensive health care benefits at an affordable cost."

For further details, please give a free call to Liberty Hotline 1800 599 998, or email to

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