At the end of july i passed my mod2, so the past couple of weeks iv'e spent much of my spare time searching through classifieds and comparing insurance prices. Wasn't working today so thought i'd have a quick look at some prices using the, the prices seemed a little high so after checking i'd entered all my details correct i put in a bike that i'd allready got a price for this was a 2005 zxr 636. Approx 2 weeks ago the price i got was £434 today the cheapest i got was £631. surely we are not allready been punished for these idiots actions. No doubt we'll be paying for this mess in other ways thatn this in the near future too. All of them who are been convicted for looting and released on bail should be made to help with the big clean up that should help lower the insurance claim costs. sorry for the rant but things like this really pi$ me off, The more you work in this country the more you seem to be punished.:mad: