I had an accident which was not my fault, and my bike got written off. Things seemed to be happening very slowly and I started chasing both Carole Nash and Aviva. It appeared that Aviva had put the case on their "back shelf". I now started phoning up Carole Nash every day to get a status. Sometimes they tried to do nothing, stating that they were awaiting Aviva, sometimes they said they would phone Aviva and get back to me, and sometimes they even had some feedback. After about 1 week of this Carole Nash just seemed to pass me to Aviva.

Eventually the case started to seize up. Aviva stated that I had a "new for old" as the bike was less than 6 months old, but they could not buy one as the HP Company would not instruct them. The HP Company would not instruct them as Aviva would not tell them what they were going to source. Stalemate! A stalemate induced by Aviva, and using the small print "if agreed by the Finance company". However Aviva did not have to buy the replacement, they simply had to find one and inform the HP Company what it was, and then they would have got the ok to buy it. So be careful, Aviva will apply this tactic to block the "new for old".

I gather that Aviva are renowned for this tactic. I also gather that the finance companies are rather cautious about dealing with them.

In the end I gave up and took the pay out, £7500. This would have been £7000 by their engineers assessment, but luckily I had the valuation of the (near new) second hand bike, both from the bike shop, and from an independent assessor (McAms, who valued the bike before they realised they could not handle the case). I must also state that the Aviva Engineer was most facetious when I tried to talk to him about his valuation. He also did not put the report in when he stated he would!

Now the funny thing here, is that the insurance company could have bought a new replacement bike at trade price for less than this. I got one from the original dealer, who were damned if I should be out of pocket, for less than £7500. As I had to restart the whole process again, I had to restart the HP, and now that it is £15 a month less, I will be £540 better off in 3 years time!