I have a story to share with people, they say if you have a bad experience you tell at least 6 people and that if you have a good one you may tell 3 people at the top end, well I had an experience that started bad and ended up good so thought I'd share it with as many people as I could.

I had an accident a while ago I was trashed up the road by a Black Hackney Cab in Liverpool. After informing my insurance of the details of the incident it seems they sold my details to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the UK, starting with a solicitor that claimed to be working with my insurance on my claim, quite rich considering that I had not agreed for this or appointed them. So I told them that they could forget it, they then went on to suggest that they would be able to get me around £1800 for injuries that they knew nothing about. I was then called by the Taxi drivers insurance offering me £3000 as a quick settlement figure for my injuries. I could not believe the difference in the two amounts so went to a friend of mine who had had a similar accident on his Bike, he recommended Fast Track Law, they are based in Merseyside and do work apparently all over the country for Bikers. They are not tied to insurance and will go for best possible payout in the quickest possible time etc.

I was offered £8000 after a few months which I was advisee to decline, and then they finally settled on £10780 for my injuries 3 weeks after the initial offer.

I now have a much nicer Bike than before, Took the family on holiday and All My Gear was updated too so I would recommend them to anyone the number for them is 08444149861 Vicky was the lady who dealt with me she was lovely and really treated my case as an individual, nothing was too much trouble for her, and she was always happy to speak when I was concerned about anything.