I have my motorcycle insurance through Dairyland and in May I was in a wreck. After I got out of the hospital I called to make a claim on the bike only to find out that they had not switched my VIN numbers over properly from my previous bike that was stolen to my new bike that I had just purchased a month earlier. The process took about a month, but after I submitted written documentation stating when I bought my new bike, they backdated my insurance to the purchase of my newer bike.

Once the dates were updated I called again to make a claim only to find out that I didn't have collision insurance. I recall specifically asking for full coverage and I was paying for full coverage on my previous bike that was stolen. they specifically knew I had a lien holder on my bike as it was noted on the new paperwork I received after making the updates between the old bike and the new bike. So I have been attempting to dispute the claim over the past 2 months. Most recently I had submitted a dated timeline of each of my phone calls to them since the purchase of my new bike and now I can no longer get a hold of the claims dispute agent I was working with and she is not returning my calls.

What kind of advice or action does anyone out there have for me at this current situation.