Hi, all, I had an accident by a jeep pulled out from a junction and knocked me off on the left side last year March.

So I let the solicitor appointed by my insurance, carol nash, to deal with it, and just before new year, i got a document from new law solicitor required me to sign to authorise them to make a 'part 36 offer' to 3rd party insurer, so I was happy with the amount they put on there, and signed and send it back after new year.

But few days ago, I got a letter from carol nash saying that, they are writing in reference to confirm that my insurer has now closed my file, and my insurer has settled the claim on a non-fault basis, therefore my no-claim bonus has been reinstated.

So I took it as 3rd party had raise their hand and amit the liability. But after talking about this letter to my solicitor, she said it doesnt mean 3rd party had admit the liability, its just that my insurer has found no financial interest so they close the case (does that mean my insurer hasnt and will not need to pay out a penny?), but my solicitor will continue pursue my compensation. So I wonder what it means? did it mean my insurer and 3rd party insurer has come to an agreement that it was none of my fault? if 3rd party insurer havent accept the liability, how come my insurer can settled on a non-fault basis? Im on TPFT.

It really confused me by the above saying of carol nash and solicitor appointed by them, what do I need to do now? Just wait for 3rd party insurer to accept the offer?

And since I got £100,000 legal protection by carol nash, I believe in the end of the case, no matter what conclusion it comes to, I won't be liable with any solicitor bill or any surprise bill etc?

Any help or advice will be appreciate :)