Dear Sir or Madam
I acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding the alleged speeding offence in Bury.
I can remember the speed camera taking the photos of me in the Citroen van and noted i was only doing a few mph and though nothing would come of it..I have included the two pictures of my van and have noticed it has not moved very far from one picture to the next in fact it has moved two road markings which are 3 feet apart (i have measured them )I understand there is a 0.5 second gap between the photos ,from this i have worked out the following
Formula speed=gap x marks x 0.6818
3 x2 x0 x.6818=4.09 mph
As you can see just over 4 mph is nowhere near the speed limit (30mph)
Also you can see in the photos barely two van lengths in front of me the traffic is stationary as there is now gaps between the cars i am unlikely to be doing 43mph with such a short distance to stop.I think you need to re-examine my case
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