Hi, Im a new cat A2 License holder.

I am considering getting a Yamaha XJ6 f diversion as my first big bike. When I do quotes online they are coming back around £600-£700 tpft.

The bike will be restricted from 76bhp to 47bhp.. however on insurance sites it does not ask if you hold an A, A2 or A1 License, it only asks if you hold a full UK motorbike license.

And also under the modifications it only asks if the bike has been restricted to 33bhp.

So.. is it the case that they just havent updated this to 47bhp yet or that you dont need to inform them that the bike is restricted if you are an A2 License holder?(Of course I will be restricting either way).

I'm only asking because adding the >40bhp to 33bhp restriction add around £400-£500 on the policy.